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OneTIME Tool - Angle Reference Plate 2014 - Retired July 21, 2014


Talk about accuracy to the "nth degree!"

When you combine Woodpeckers new Angle Reference Plate with our Precision Bevel Gauges (or any bevel gauge, for that matter), you've got the capability to measure, set and transfer any angle from 0 to 55 degrees in 1/4 degree increments.

As we were fine-tuning the design of our Precision Bevel Gauges , we realized that the Angle Reference Plate would be the perfect companion for these tools. Even though carpentry wisdom advises us to “never measure when you can mark,” sometimes it's necessary to get a spot-on angle reading. Recording the exact angle taken by a bevel gauge provides a valuable measure of insurance if the bevel gauge gets jostled and shifts off its setting. The Angle Reference Plate makes it easy to measure, set and recreate precise angles without straining your eyes.

Made in our own factory like all our other One-Time Tools, the Angle Reference Plate is quite a bit larger than the average protractor (3” wide and 16” long), and it's a rectangle rather than a half-circle. But don't think for a minute that this hefty chunk of anodized aluminum can't put a protractor to shame in terms of precision and layout capabilities. The broad face of the plate allows the engraved angle lines to be spaced for easy reading. You can easily distinguish whole degrees because they're solid lines. Half-degrees are dashed, while quarter-degrees are dotted.

Angles from 0 to 55 degrees are represented on the plate. But here's where the beauty (and function) of the tool shines through. Since the angle layout extends across the full width of the plate, you can easily and instantly set your bevel gauge against the opposite edge to find and set complementary and supplementary angles.

The latest tool in Woodpeckers popular One-Time Tool series, the Angle Reference Plate is certain to become a valuable addition to any workshop or toolbox, always answering precisely (and down to the quarter-degree!) when anyone asks “I wonder what angle that is?”

The Angle Reference Plate and Bevel Gauges are part of our OneTime Tool program and are made to order in our shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio. Deadline to order yours is Monday July 21st. Delivery is scheduled for November, 2014.

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