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OneTIME Tool - Bar Gauge - 2014 - Retired June 30, 2014


Get Super-Accurate Inside Measurements Every Time.

Can't Miss Measurements. Rulers and tape measures have their limitations, especially when it comes to inside measurements. Bar gauges have been an alternative for generations. But the shop-made version is not always as reliable as a woodworker wants. Woodpeckers Bar Gauge is the ultimate inside measurement tool. It's made from the best materials, precisely machined and provides innovations not seen before.

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Bar Gauge - Deluxe Bar Gauge - Deluxe SKU: BGAUGE-DELUXE
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Bar Gauge - 96" Bar Gauge - 96" SKU: BGAUGE-96
Out of stock
Bar Gauge - 48" Bar Gauge - 48" SKU: BGAUGE-48
Out of stock
Bar Gauge - 36" Bar Gauge - 36" SKU: BGAUGE-36
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Bar Gauge - 24" Bar Gauge - 24" SKU: BGAUGE-24
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Bar Gauge - 12" Bar Gauge - 12" SKU: BGAUGE-12
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Bar Gauge bodies (pair) Bar Gauge bodies (pair) SKU: BGBODIES
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12" Length Bar Extension 12" Length Bar Extension SKU: BGBARS-EXT
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Pin Bar Gauge tips (pair) Pin Bar Gauge tips (pair) SKU: BGTIPS-PIN
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Arrow Bar Gauge tips (pair) Arrow Bar Gauge tips (pair) SKU: BGTIPS-ARROW
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Why The Bar Gauge Rules. Our Bar Gauge excels when measuring inside dimensions in a variety of conditions thanks to our innovative solid brass tips that screw into the ends of the stainless steel bars.

Use the blunt-end tips for gauging the inside distance between cabinet members, face frame parts, even between room walls for built-ins. You'll find it has many other uses.

Attach the arrow-shaped tips to check if a cabinet or frame is square by comparing the distance between diagonal corners. The arrow shape lets you fully reach these inside corners.

Use the pin tips to measure the distance between parts like drawer sides to find the exact measurement for drawer bottoms, or other cabinet parts that nest in dados, rabbets or grooves.

Now the Best Part– DOUBLE YOUR ACCURACY! That's right, double accuracy. Here's why. You've set your Bar Gauge and found the perfect measurement. You've tightened the knurled brass knobs and locked the bars in place. Now go straight to your saw and use the Bar Gauge to set your table saw fence, or a stop block to your chop saw. Just leave your tape measure in your pocket. The Bar Gauge gives you super-accurate, repeatable results every time.

Ordering Options to Fit Your Needs. Bar Gauges can be ordered in five different size ranges or as a deluxe Bar Gauge which includes all (5) bar sets to accommodate a measurement range of 8-1/4" to 96-5/8".

Individual bar sets can also be ordered separately to configure the Bar Gauge that best suits your needs.

Back by popular demand. The Bar Gauge was first released as a OneTime Tool almost three years ago. Since then, we've had many requests to bring it back. Our next run of these outstanding tools will again be limited to orders received before the June 30, 2014 deadline. Orders are expected to ship in September of 2014.

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