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OneTIME Tool - Setup Blocks - 2012- Retired March 26, 2012

Keep your tape measure in your tool pouch. Woodpeckers Set Up Blocks make it easy to get exact setups for blades, bits and fences.
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34 pc Setup Block Set w/cases 34 pc Setup Block Set w/cases SKU: SUB34-2012
Out of stock
34pc Setup Block Set - (no case) 34pc Setup Block Set - (no case) SKU: SUBS34-2012-NO CASE
Out of stock
21 pc Setup Block Set w/case 21 pc Setup Block Set w/case SKU: SUB21-2012
Out of stock
21pc Setup Block Set - (no case) 21pc Setup Block Set - (no case) SKU: SUBS21-2012-NO CASE
Out of stock
13pc Setup Block Set - Inch (no case) 13pc Setup Block Set - Inch (no case) SKU: SUBS13-2012-NO CASE
Out of stock
8 pc Metric Setup Block Set w/case 8 pc Metric Setup Block Set w/case SKU: SUB8MM-2012
Out of stock
7 pc Metric Setup Blocks with Case 7 pc Metric Setup Blocks with Case SKU: SUB7MM-WCASE
Out of stock

Woodpeckers Set Up Blocks prove that looks can be deceiving. Who could imagine that rectangular chunks of metal could be so useful? But they are, and in many ways.

A setup block provides you with a precisely sized physical reference for setting up an endless number of cutting, shaping and drilling operations. Instead of straining to “eyeball” the height of your table saw blade against a 5/8” mark on your tape measure, you can simply place the 5/8” setup block against the blade and fine-tune blade height until you can easily see and feel that blade and block are exactly aligned.

In addition to setting blade and bit cutting depths, setup blocks make it easy to set fences on saws, router tables and drill presses an exact distance from the cutter. With setup blocks, you don't need to “creep up” on a final cut or profile with repeated minute adjustments. Instead, you can get it exactly right the first time. The block's precisely machined thickness is your alignment device. Blocks can be used individually, or combined to achieve different depths and offsets.

All Woodpeckers setup blocks are CNC-machined to tolerances of 1/1000” and anodized to resist staining and corrosion. Individual blocks are 1/2” wide by 4” long. Woodpeckers 34-piece Deluxe Set is our ultimate setup block kit. This set includes every size from 1/32” up to 1” in 1/32” increments. It also includes a 6.5mm and 18mm block giving you matching blocks for the eight most common thicknesses of plywood. The 1” thick block is extra large at 2” wide and 4” long.

This 34-piece Deluxe Set is divided between two foam-lined cases keeping your precision tools organized and ready to provide you with the best defense against workshop inaccuracy.

If you purchased one of the original 13pc inch sets in 2011, a separate 21pc set is available to fill out the balance of the pieces. These setup blocks are One-Time Tools and are only made to order. Deadline to place your order is Monday March 26th. Delivery is scheduled for June, 2012.

Like all Woodpeckers tools, our new Deluxe Setup Blocks are machined in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio. Made in U.S.A.

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