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OneTIME Tool- Bench Rule - 2011- Retired December 15, 2011

Hopefully you read the web page for the Paolini Pocket Rule before getting to this one. The new Woodpeckers Bench Rule is the same as the Paolini Pocket Rule except it's three times the size. Yea, you could put it in your apron pocket, if you have one that'll hold it.
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Woodpeckers Bench Rule 18" Woodpeckers Bench Rule 18" SKU: WBR-18
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Woodpeckers Bench Rule 450mm Woodpeckers Bench Rule 450mm SKU: WBR-450
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This bench rule is unique. The 18” long by 1-3/4” wide blade is 3/16” thick yet light weight enough to not be clunky. All four edges feature an engraved scale incremented every 1/16th or 1mm depending on style.

What's really handy is the vertical scale on the one end. This scale is great for setting how far the saw blade extends above the surface of your table saw. Same goes for setting router bits in a router table. When using the ruler for this function, the rule stop changes duty to a ruler stand. Simply slide it off the ruler and through the slot in the blade. Once it settles to the table your ruler becomes hands-free. That leaves the two you have available to make adjustments to the saw or router.

The other end of the ruler has a small notch machined in it. This notch in conjunction with the rule stop makes for an always at the ready adjustable T-rule. The beefy stop is secured with two thumb screws keeping it locked to the ruler.

All in all you're not likely to find a similar tool out there. And maybe you don't need one but if it looks like it could do you some good, order yours by Thursday December 15th, 2011 and we'll machine one for you.

The Woodpeckers Bench Rule is part of our One-Time Tool program and as such is made to order. Order deadline is 12/15/11, delivery is scheduled for February 2012.

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