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OneTIME Tool - Bar Gauge - 2011- Retired November 7, 2011


Introducing the perfect tool for super-accurate inside measurements. Without the use of a tape measure you can instantly create a gauge to the exact size needed, bring it to your saw, set the fence, make the cut and know it'll fit like a glove.

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Bar Gauge - 96" Bar Gauge - 96" SKU: BGAUGE-96
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Bar Gauge - 48" Bar Gauge - 48" SKU: BGAUGE-48
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Bar Gauge - 36" Bar Gauge - 36" SKU: BGAUGE-36
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Bar Gauge - 24" Bar Gauge - 24" SKU: BGAUGE-24
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Bar Gauge - 12" Bar Gauge - 12" SKU: BGAUGE-12
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Bar Gauge bodies (pair) Bar Gauge bodies (pair) SKU: BGBODIES
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12" Length Bar Extension 12" Length Bar Extension SKU: BGBARS-EXT
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Pin Bar Gauge tips (pair) Pin Bar Gauge tips (pair) SKU: BGTIPS-PIN
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Blunt Bar Gauge tips (pair) Blunt Bar Gauge tips (pair) SKU: BGTIPS-BLUNT
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Arrow Bar Gauge tips (pair) Arrow Bar Gauge tips (pair) SKU: BGTIPS-ARROW
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Scrap wood versions of Bar Gauges have been used for centuries . Their benefits are unmatched. Well now we've taken this tried-and-true tool to another level. By combining the best materials, precision machining and a little innovation, we've made a tool that will last a life time and deliver accurate, repeatable results every time.

Say you need a close fitting rail in a cabinet face frame. No problem. Thread the Blunt Tips on your Bar Gauge, spread the tips against each side, lock the knob and presto, you have an exact gauge to set the stop on your saw. This is even better than measure twice, cut once.

The Woodpeckers Bar Gauge uses telescoping stainless steel rods capped with brass tips designed specifically to fit accurately into corners, flat against sides and even down into narrow grooves. Two separate aluminum bodies keep the guide bars aligned and solid-brass knobs keep it all clamped together.

Use it once and you might forget where you left your tape measure but you'll never forget your Bar Gauge.

Made in the U.S.A. in our own shop just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. The Bar Gauge is part of Woodpeckers One-Time ToolTM program and is made to order. It will be retired after the order deadline of Monday Nov. 7th. 12/31/11 Ship date. 

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