OneTIME Tool - AngleSquare - 2017 - Retired March 13, 2017


10 Function, Must-Have Carpentry Tool.

Once Cherished Carpentry Tool Returns In First Quality Form. The Squangle was widely used in the carpentry trade and a favorite of framers and roofers in the 60’s and 70’s. In one simple tool, it combined the features of a framing square, tri-square, T-Square and more. It was a standard fixture in many a job site tool box. Now, Woodpeckers new AngleSquare reprises this tool with first quality materials and state of the art manufacturing methods to deliver performance even surpassing the original.

  • Rafter, T and Standard Square
  • Protractor 45 to 90 degrees
  • Sight Plumb
  • Layout Tool
  • Pitch Finder
  • Level
  • Straight Edge
  • Ruler

Determine angle of ridge cut, tail cut and birdsmouth cut. Set AngleSquare to the desired pitch using the engraved common rafter or hip and valley scale on the blade. Then simply scribe your lines.

Common Rafter Length Using Rise/Run Scale. Again, once the rise/run ratio is known, use the laser engraved scale to determine rafter length using the inches per run foot scale.

Find pitch or determine bridging cuts by line of sight. Use the base or blade and sight along the other part until the moving part is appropriately set. Lock the knurled knob then read the position on the common rafter scale.

Set studs, walls plumb. Set the AngleSquare blade to 90° in the T-Square position and place on material. Read the built in spirit level and move material until bubble reads plumb. You can also use AngleSquare as a Level.

Gauge Angles Of Existing Angles or Pitch.Place the short leg of the AngleSquare blade on an existing structure or angle. Move the body until the spirit level bubble shows level. Take the angle reading off the common rafter, degree or hip and valley scale.

You can also use the AngleSquare to mark parallel lines, determine the slope of land, square short lines and use its engraved window and door sill pitch marks to lay out those cut lines.

Use As a Square. Disassemble the blade and base then reposition the blade so that the square corner is at the round end of the base. Reassemble and use as a square.

Use As a Bevel Gauge. You can use the AngleSquare in this same position to either find existing angles or mark known angles on materials using the degree/common rafter scale.

Marking Centers. A fast and easy way to lay out center marks is in position three. First separate the blade from the body. Now sandwich the blade between the body parts and set the desired dimension, say 16", from the end of the blade to the end of the body. Tighten the knurled knobs to fix the setting.

Even More Scales. On the backside of the AngleSquare blade are three more very handy scales. You’ll find a 9" long inch scale in 1/16" increments, a 13" long inch scale with 1/10" divisions; on the short leg, a 1/16" increment inch scale and the hip and valley rafter scale. Lastly, the body features an 8½" long scale in 1/16" increments.

Woodpeckers AngleSquare, The Best Ever Made. No like tool has ever come close to the precision and quality of this U.S.A. made Woodpeckers AngleSquare. Each 1/16" thick blade is made in a six-step process using full hard stainless spring steel that will stand up to the rigors of job site abuse. Each blade is individually laser cut and machined to exacting tolerances using state-of-the-art CNC equipment and then textured and flattened on custom machinery.

The blades are then individually engraved with deep, annealed, high contrast markings on the satin finished surface making the engravings durable and super-easy to read. The two-piece body is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and is 1" square by 9" long. The knurled stainless steel knobs are easy to grip and handsome in appearance. Where the blade slides between the bodies, two nylon washers assure a non-marring, smooth operation.

Pre-Order Now, Don’t Delay. Like all our OneTIME Tools, the AngleSquare is scheduled for a one-time production run and is only made to order in our shop near Cleveland, Ohio. Deadline to order yours is Monday March 13, 2017. Once orders are filled, the tool will be retired from our product line. Order yours today! Delivery is scheduled for July, 2017.

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