OneTIME Tool - Winding Sticks - 2012- Retired April 9, 2012

Tame Twists and Get Stock Preparation Done Right with Woodpeckers Winding Sticks.

Winding sticks don't always look very impressive, but they have been used for centuries to help woodworkers test boards and other surfaces for flatness. Placed across the width of a board at opposite ends, winding sticks make any twist in the board plainly visible when your sightline is down the center of the board, perpendicular to the sticks. In fact, the amount of twist is even measurable. Gathering this information is critical as you select stock for a cabinetry or furniture project. Winding sticks enable you to take corrective action so that your project doesn't go together with an unexpected skew.

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Winding Sticks complete set with all three sizes, 7", 23" and 47" Winding Sticks complete set with all three sizes, 7", 23" and 47" SKU: WNDSTK-SET
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47" Set of Woodpeckers Winding Sticks 47" Set of Woodpeckers Winding Sticks SKU: WNDSTK47
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23" Set of Woodpeckers Winding Sticks 23" Set of Woodpeckers Winding Sticks SKU: WNDSTK
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7" Set of Woodpeckers Winding Sticks 7" Set of Woodpeckers Winding Sticks SKU: WNDSTK7
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While we're always inspired by traditional tools, we couldn't claim to be continuing the tradition of Yankee Ingenuity if we didn't try to improve on time-tested designs. That's why Woodpeckers Winding Sticks are made from solid aluminum instead of from wood, like winding sticks of old. Unlike wooden versions, Woodpeckers Winding Sticks won't ever warp, swell or crack, thus becoming ineffective.

Three different lengths of Winding Sticks are available as well as a complete set of all three sizes. The 7” length is ideal when hand planing the edge of a board. At 7” they're easier to balance yet will clearly show any twist.

The 23” length is the best all around size for flattening the face of a board or cabinet door and the 47” length is designed for tables and full size passage and entry doors.

All three lengths of the Winding Sticks are CNC machined straight and have holes toward each end for hanging. Because contrasting colors and lines aid in “reading” the sticks, we've provided three different sighting edges: solid white, red with 2 ½”-long white segments near the ends, and a full-length shiny “V” groove. Recognizing that sticks often need to rest on rough sawn boards with uneven surfaces, we milled a recess along the full length of each stick's bottom edge to improve stability.

Woodpeckers Winding Sticks will help you take the twist out of boards and get the flat reference surfaces that are essential for exemplary work. These sticks are also excellent for checking jointer beds for proper alignment. Best of all, these sticks will perform just as well in your grandson's workshop as they do in yours.

Woodpeckers Winding Sticks are made to order in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio. Deadline to order yours is Monday April 9th, 2012. Expect delivery in early July.

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