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OneTIME Tool - TruSquare - Retired July 24, 2017


Perhaps the Most Versatile Square Ever Made.

Multi-Function TruSquare – The Ultimate Combination Tool. Woodpeckers new TruSquare is unlike any tool you’ve ever seen. It is a combination square, a speed square, bevel gauge, depth and height gauge, center finder, thickness gauge and more. Oh yeah, it’s also a square! All in, TruSquare, the brainchild of Jonathan Schwartz, a shop teacher and inventor at Colfax High School in Colfax, California, is the ultimate layout and machine setup tool.

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How TruSquare Works. Think of TruSquare as a combination square. It has a 90° and 45° angle that travels along a ruler. You already know the benefits of a combination square so let’s move on. The stainless steel triangle travels and pivots (and locks) into a 12" length of aluminum T-track so TruSquare can be used to both find and lay out any angles from 0° to 90°. And for layout work you can quickly flip TruSquare from one edge of the track to the other and quickly layout the compliment angle because the triangle is an isosceles right triangle.

Five Engraved Scales Plus The Magical 1:2 Scale. The TruSquare T-track has three engraved scales in 1/16" increments. Two are on the top edge and one is on the side at the bottom. The triangle has two 1/16" inch engraved scales 7" long on the equal length legs. On these scales, zero aligns with the inside edge of the track. Then there’s the magical 1:2 ratio scale on the bottom of the triangle. This scale is in 1/32" increments and allows you to quickly set the tool to divide any measurement under 7¾" in half. All you do is align the 1:1 (normal) scale on the T-track with the 1:2 scale on the bottom of triangle.

So what, you say? Glad you asked. Using these two scales in combination you can quickly find the center of a board. Just extend the T-track across the width of the stock, read the dimension, then turn the tool over and align your reading with the reading on the 1:2 scale. Stock center can now be marked referencing the T-track end.

More Magic, Please. Say you want to lay out a 3/4" thick mortise centered exactly in the center of your 2" thick stock. Take the 1-1/4" difference and align the 1-1/4" 1:1 scale with the 1-1/4" 1:2 scale and mark the mortise referencing the end of the T-track. Of course, you can lay out your tenon the same way. This same technique can also be used to center parts during assembly work.

Even More Great Features. The stainless steel triangle is chock-full of additional features. It has two different angle references. The precision laser engraved degree scale on the long edge is only for use as an extended reference to the interior angle scale. The interior degree scale features a series of scalloped detents that lock-in place in 2½° increments and include the most often used angle settings like 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 67.5° and 75°. Of course, you may also lock any angle anywhere between 0° and 90°. Just set the pointer to your desired angle and tighten.

The triangle also has small, precision cut diamond shapes at every inch along both short legs. These diamond cutouts assist in layout work to draw one or more precise, repeatable lines by capturing your pencil point in the exact location you desire.

Depth Gauge and Machine Setup. Use TruSquare to check the depth of mortises, dados, grooves and more. Just drop the T-track into the joint then lock it in place. Now take your TruSquare measurement to your table saw or router table to set the blade or bit height. Your setup will be spot-on every time.

Pre-Order Now, Don’t Delay! Like all our OneTIME Tools, the TruSquare is only made to order. Deadline to order yours is Monday, July 24, 2017. Delivery is scheduled for November 2017.

All Woodpeckers tools are manufactured in our shop located near Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.

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