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OneTIME Tool- Trammel Head - 2011- Retired November 21, 2011

Trammel Heads are quite useful for certain projects. For instance if you need to radius a corner on a table top, a trammel is good for drawing different radiuses to see what would look or function best. Even if you use a template to rout the corner, the drawn line makes it clear where to saw away the bulk of the material.
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Trammel Head Bar - 48 Trammel Head Bar - 48" Stainless Steel SKU: TRMHD-BAR48
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Trammel Head Bar - 36 Trammel Head Bar - 36" Stainless Steel SKU: TRMHD-BAR36
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Trammel Head Bar - 12 Trammel Head Bar - 12" Stainless Steel SKU: TRMHD-BAR12
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Replacement Scribe Tip. For Trammel Head Set. Replacement Scribe Tip. For Trammel Head Set. SKU: SCRIBE-TIP
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It's also a great tool for drawing circles. You can use templates and patterns for drawing smaller circles but once it gets past a few inches in diameter, trammels are a better way to go. With the right tip, trammel heads can do more than just draw. You can also scribe with it. Unlike pencil marks, scribe marks are typically permanent and a great way to minimize tear out along a cut line by pre-scoring the cutter path.

Two carbide tipped scribes are included, one for each head. Either one can serve as the pivot point or as the scoring tool. They're plenty sharp and tough enough for scoring wood, metal and plastic.

Each trammel head can hold both the scribe and pencil at the same time. The scribe projection is fixed but the pencil can be adjusted to extend past the scribe for marking or pushed back in so the scribe can be the pivot point or scoring tool.

Most standard hex shaped pencils slide into the trammel head with a light press fit. The snug fit prevents wobbling during use. If needed, there's also a small thumb screw to clamp the pencil in place.

The Trammel Head Set is part of our One-Time Tool program and as such are only made to order. Last day to order yours is Monday November 21st . Expected ship date is early January 2012.

Made in our own shop just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

NOTE: The through hole will fit a 3/8” diameter dowel or rod including the stainless steel rods from our Bar Gauge product. Dedicated Trammel Head Bars can also be ordered separately.

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