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OneTIME Tool - Thickness Gauge - 2012- Retired March 26, 2012


Get the edge on perfect joinery with Woodpeckers Thickness Gauges

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Thickness Gauge Set - 30pc Thickness Gauge Set - 30pc SKU: TG30PCSET
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Thickness Gauge Set - 30pc - no case Thickness Gauge Set - 30pc - no case SKU: TG30PCSET-NOCASE
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Thickness Gauge Set - 18pc Metric Thickness Gauge Set - 18pc Metric SKU: TG17PCMMSET
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Thickness Gauge Set - 18pc Metric - no case Thickness Gauge Set - 18pc Metric - no case SKU: TG17PCMMSET-NOCASE
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Thickness Gauge Set - 8pc Thickness Gauge Set - 8pc SKU: TG8PCSET
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Thickness Gauge Set - 8pc - no case Thickness Gauge Set - 8pc - no case SKU: TG8PCSET-NOCASE
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The perfect joinery we admire (and strive to attain) in any woodworking project doesn't come easily. A variation of 1/32” can mean the difference between a joint that fits perfectly and one that's either loose or forced. Many joinery errors originate with an inaccurate thickness measurement or with a cutting width that doesn't match stock thickness. Woodpeckers new Thickness Gauges are designed with a unique dual-purpose profile that will help you eliminate both types of errors.

Calipers have traditionally been used to measure the thickness of boards and plywood panels for cabinetry and furniture-making projects. But calipers provide a thickness reading at a single point. Our thickness gauges assess thickness where the joinery happens –right along the edge of a board or panel. The slot on each gauge (machined to tolerances of 1/1000”) lets you know right away if thickness is uniform or not. The slot will tilt or wobble over a thin edge, and jam when edge thickness exceeds slot width. The stub tenon on each gauge is exactly as wide as the gauge's slot. It's your precise test-fitting tool when setting up to cut dados and slots that match stock thickness.

Many of us have learned the hard way that it's essential to identify stock thickness variations during stock selection and surfacing. It's equally important to confirm that dados and slot widths match stock thicknesses exactly. With Woodpeckers Thickness Gauges, these two quality control step are quick, easy and foolproof.

Woodpeckers Thickness Gauges are available in three different sets; an 8-pc inch, 30-pc inch and 18-pc Metric set. All three sets are available with or without a custom-fit foam lined case. The 30 pc set includes sizes starting from 5/32” and go up in 1/32” increments to 1”. This set also includes a 6.5mm and 18mm gauge so that the eight most common plywood thicknesses are covered.

The 8-pc set includes just the eight sizes that match up with commonly available plywood. If you're still using a tape measure or calipers to assess edge thickness, step up to a better way. Woodpeckers Thickness Gauges will pay for themselves by eliminating many aggravating (and expensive) “do-overs” and dramatically cutting your consumption of wood filler.

Woodpeckers Thickness Gauges are part of our One-Time Tool program and are made to order. The last day to order yours is Monday March 26, 2012. Delivery is scheduled for late June 2012.

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