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OneTIME Tool - THE ULTIMATE DOWELING JIG - 2016 - Retired August 29, 2016


Features Never Before Seen, Plus All The Basics. With Repeatable Precision Performance!

Not Your Grandpa’s Doweling Jig. You’ve no doubt seen newer-style doweling jigs and a variety of old Stanley’s. They’d all fit the description of pretty basic with limited capabilities. Woodpeckers new Ultimate Doweling Jig significantly broadens the scope of dowel joinery possibilities. Furthermore, it can be used for non-doweling chores like drilling precisely spaced and aligned rows of shelf pin holes.

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Ultimate Doweling Jig in Systainer Style Case Ultimate Doweling Jig in Systainer Style Case SKU: UDJ-SYS
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Ultimate Doweling Jig in Woodpeckers Case Ultimate Doweling Jig in Woodpeckers Case SKU: UDJ-WP
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Ultimate Doweling Jig 6mm Bushings Ultimate Doweling Jig 6mm Bushings SKU: UDJ-BUSH6MM
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Ultimate Doweling Jig 8mm Bushings Ultimate Doweling Jig 8mm Bushings SKU: UDJ-BUSH8MM
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Ultimate Doweling Jig 10mm Bushings Ultimate Doweling Jig 10mm Bushings SKU: UDJ-BUSH10MM
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Ultimate Doweling Jig 5mm Bushings Ultimate Doweling Jig 5mm Bushings SKU: UDJ-BUSH5MM
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This Jig's On Steroids! Our jig is certainly the brawniest one you’ve ever seen. Thick aluminum, beefy stainless steel and solid brass produce a rock solid foundation that will not distort when applying full clamping pressure to your stock. You can be sure your dowel holes are drilled dead nuts square. This baby weighs in at more than four pounds and that doesn’t even include the end stop, edge guide and attachment bars (more on those special features in a minute).

Basic Doweling Done Perfectly. Hardened stainless steel drill guide bushings mount in the 1/2" thick x 4-1/4" wide x 7” solid aluminum base plate. Two sets of four drill guide bushings, 1/4" and 3/8" are included along with matching indexing pins. Optional 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm bushings are sold separately. Guide bushings travel in a slot in the base plate and are always perfectly spaced thanks to the innovative stainless steel cam plate. The cam plate features a scale and pointer that clearly indicates hole center spacing. Spacing range is 3/4" to 1-1/4".

Clamping Jaws Like A Great White Shark. Below the base plate are a fixed clamping jaw and a unique adjustable jaw. Stainless steel and brass clamping screws are fitted to the fixed jaw and can be used in three different positions for holding narrow or wider stock. The jig holds stock up to 2-3/8" thick. The adjustable jaw can be set for either centered or offset hole drilling. Perfectly spaced double rows of dowels are not only possible, they’re easy! Jaw adjustment is achieved by selecting one of four jaw faces and where the face is positioned on the base plate.

Proper positioning is guaranteed thanks to engraved scales on the base plate and matched serrated grooves milled into the base plate and jaw. And once the jaw is fastened in place, the grooves prevent unintentional movement of the jaw.

Adjustable End-Stop Delivers Repeatable Perfection. Once you use the end stop on this Doweling Jig you’ll wonder why no doweling jig ever had this feature before. It just makes so much sense. It is the perfect solution for drilling precisely aligned holes in mating pieces. Think drilling face frames for joining end grain rails to edge grain stiles. The end stop is primarily used at the end of the jig in combination with 3/8" stainless steel attachment rods, but can also be attached to the side of the jig for other applications.

In fact, it also doubles as a very convenient work support for long or wide material.

Easy-to-read laser engraved scales are on the bottom of the base plate for setting the end stop to the hole center of the drill guide bushing. Four 12" long attachment bars easily thread together for extension up to 48".

Adjustable Edge Guide Yet Another Unique Feature. A major limitation of most other doweling jigs is they only work near the edge of the work piece. Woodpeckers Ultimate Doweling Jig sports an adjustable edge guide that blows this challenge out of the water. Now, you can use dowel joinery on the face of wide stock and plywood. Simply remove the clamping jaws, attach one or more extension rods to the base plate, then slide the edge guide onto the rod. Now you’re set to use dowels to join parts that were virtually impossible before.

And the edge guide can also be used to drill a series of accurately spaced, repeatable holes in casework parts like bookshelf sides for shelf supports. This task is easily accomplished using the supplied 1/4" and 3/8" guide pins. Just insert the guide pin in the first guide bushing to index from the last hole drilled. It’s that simple. And for those of you who use the 32mm system, this new Doweling Jig can easily be set for 32mm line boring.

Woodpeckers Ultimate Doweling Jig Has It All. Our latest OneTIME Tool has everything you could ever want in a doweling jig; highest quality materials made to exacting tolerances, stout construction, and easy to use with great features no other doweling jig has ever provided.

When They’re Gone, They’re Gone! Like all our OneTIME Tools, the Ultimate Doweling Jig is only made to order. Deadline to order yours is Monday August 29, 2016. Once orders are filled, this tool will be retired from our product line.

Delivery is scheduled for February, 2017. Woodpeckers Ultimate Doweling Jig is manufactured in our company’s shop located near Cleveland, Ohio. Made in the U.S.A.

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