OneTIME Tool - Straddle Square - 2012- Retired December 10, 2012


Save Time and Eliminate Errors by Marking Three Faces in a Single Step.

Woodworkers never stop looking for ways to improve. Every project brings a fresh set of challenges to achieve the exacting layout and precise cuts that make parts fit together perfectly. Tools that aid in this endeavor are greatly valued. That's why we think you'll enjoy using our new Straddle Squares.

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Mark three faces without moving the square. A standard square lets you mark across one edge or face at a time. Transferring this line to adjacent faces involves repositioning the square to continue the mark around the board. And hoping they they're all on the same plane. Woodpeckers Straddle Squares accomplish this three-sided layout task in a single step. Instead of making three separate layout lines, your pencil makes a single continuous mark against the Straddle Square's precisely machined edge thus ensuring they all line up.

You save time and eliminate the minute layout errors that can show up as unsightly gaps in a finished project.

Using these squares couldn't be easier. You simply spread the spring loaded jaws enough to fit your work piece and slip it over the edge. It only takes three fingers and a couple seconds. Once on your board, it easily slides right up to your measurement presenting perfect edges to mark three separate faces.

How often have you marked profiled trim stock for a cut just to get it to the saw and discover you have to cut it from the side opposite the one with the mark? How about trying to transfer a tenon cheek mark from one face to the next all the way around the perimeter and then discover the mark on the last face doesn't line up with the starting point?

These are just two of the circumstances where our new Straddle Squares would help you do a better job with less effort. There isn't a faster or more precise way of marking tenon shoulders, cheek cuts and cross cuts than marking three faces in one step.

Woodpeckers Straddle Squares come in two sizes, 3/4" and 1-3/4” models. The 3/4" model covers a range of 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch and the larger 1-3/4” model will straddle stock as thin as 3/4 and up to 1-3/4 inches.

Like all Woodpeckers One-Time Tools, the new Straddle Squares are only made to order in our shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio. We use premium-quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum, the latest American made CNC machine tools and a dedicated staff to bring you these carefully crafted American made tools that'll last for generations. The deadline to order yours is Monday December 10th. Delivery scheduled for late February 2013.

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