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OneTIME Tool - Steel Straight Edge-SSE - Retired April 23, 2018


Every Shop Needs a Reliably Accurate Straight-Edge; Woodpeckers Delivers the Best!

Use our Steel Straight-Edge for Precise Machine Setup & More. The goal of every woodworker is to produce project parts that are straight, flat, and with adjacent edges that are perfectly perpendicular. If you don’t make reliable parts, frustrating problems will creep into your project. The first step to achieving this goal is accurate machine setup. Your best friend in that quest is a highly accurate, reliable straight-edge.

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Steel Straight Edge - Set Steel Straight Edge - Set SKU: SSE-SET-18
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Steel Straight Edge - 36" Steel Straight Edge - 36" SKU: SSE-36-18
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Steel Straight Edge - 24" Steel Straight Edge - 24" SKU: SSE-24-18
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Steel Straight Edge - 12" Steel Straight Edge - 12" SKU: SSE-12-18
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What a Straight Edge Can Do for You. With the right tool you can fine-tune numerous machines in your shop ranging from table saws to hand planes. You can perfectly set your jointer tables to insure they are co-planer (no sagging ends) and make sure your jointer, router and rip fences are straight. You can also easily verify that your planer table extensions are flush and parallel with the main table.

A good straight-edge is also perfect for setting planer bottom rollers to minimize snipe and for testing your table saw top, throat plate and extension wings for flatness. A short straight-edge, like the 12" SSE-12, is even ideal for verifying the flatness of your hand plane’s sole.

Beyond Machines, Check Your Bench Top & Stock. The longer SSE-24 and SSE-36 are ideal for verifying that jointed stock edges are actually straight and ready for glue-up as well as determining if face surfaces are flat and snipe free.

Depend on Woodpeckers Reputation for Precision, Reliability & Quality. Both edges of these American made tools are ground to a tolerance of .0002" per 12" of length. And that’s not a typo, it really is 2 ten thousandths of an inch. And every tool is quality checked on the company’s state-of-the-art testing equipment. These tolerances far surpass many other straight edges on the market.

More Features that Make These Straight-Edges Superior. Regardless of length, the SSE’sare 7/32" thick so they are not only stout but can easily stand on their edge while you do your checking. And they are a nominal 2-1/2" in width. The 24" and 36" models have slots machined in both ends for easy gripping and control. All models have 3/8" holes in both ends for convenient hanging on a peg or nail.

Buy the Set & Save. Order one or more of these remarkably accurate SSE Straight-Edgesand put them to work in your shop. You can order any of the three lengths individually or select the set and save.

Like all our OneTIME Tools, the SSE-12, SSE-24 and SSE-36 are only made to order in our Strongsville, Ohio machine shop. The Deadline to order yours is April 23, 2018. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, this tool will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for July, 2018.

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