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OneTIME Tool - Pythagoras Gauge - 2012- Retired April 30, 2012


Builders, carpenters and woodworkers have used the Pythagorean Theorem for thousands of years to make sure a “right” angle is truly 90 degrees. Sometimes they apply the a2 + b2 = c2 equation, while other times they measure the legs of a triangle in multiples of a “3-4-5” right triangle. Woodpeckers new Pythagoras Gauges put this ancient formula to work in an innovative way that eliminates the measuring and the math.

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Complete set Pythagoras Gauge (all 4) Complete set Pythagoras Gauge (all 4) SKU: PYTH-SET
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Pythagoras Gauge - 40" Pythagoras Gauge - 40" SKU: PYTHG-40
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Pythagoras Gauge - 24" Pythagoras Gauge - 24" SKU: PYTHG-24
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Pythagoras Gauge - 12" Pythagoras Gauge - 12" SKU: PYTHG-12
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Pythagoras Gauge - 7" Pythagoras Gauge - 7" SKU: PYTHG-7
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Woodpecker's Pythagoras Gauges give you a fast, precise test for 90 degrees based on three points of contact. Set the point of the gauge's short leg into the corner, and then see if the two remaining points touch the sides of the assembly. Three points of contact signify a right angle. If there's just two points of contact, the third point's distance from the edge will tell you exactly how much the angle is off. With our Pythagoras Gauge, there's no need to squint along the edges of a conventional square or fuss with a tape measure or calculator.

Woodpeckers Pythagoras Gauges are made in four sizes: 7”, 12”, 24” and 40”. Buy all four gauges and you'll be able to cover corners from tiny trinket boxes right on up to bookcases and even large outdoor projects like decks. These tools are simple but very accurate. Each part is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, anodized for durability, and assembled by hand.

Like all OneTime Tools™ from Woodpeckers, these Pythagoras Gauges are manufactured in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio and will be manufactured in June for delivery in late July. Deadline to order yours is Monday April 30th.

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