OneTIME Tool - One Piece T Square - 2012- Retired July 23, 2012


Woodpeckers one piece T-Squares take layout to new levels of accuracy.

Most woodworkers would agree that it's not possible to be too accurate when you're laying out joinery or marking the location of cabinet hardware. Even minor inaccuracies can create tiny gaps and produce ridges where surfaces should be flush. Correcting miniscule layout errors takes time and can compromise the quality of your project. Every woodworker wants to avoid tasks like filling screw holes in a misaligned hinge mortise, shimming tenons or closing gaps with wood filler.

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3pc Inch T Square Set 3pc Inch T Square Set SKU: TS-SET-IN-2012
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3pc Metric T Square Set 3pc Metric T Square Set SKU: TS-SET-MM-2012
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One Piece T Square - 200mm One Piece T Square - 200mm SKU: TS-200-2012
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One Piece T Square - 8" One Piece T Square - 8" SKU: TS-8-2012
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One Piece T Square - 6" One Piece T Square - 6" SKU: TS-6-2012
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One Piece T Square - 150mm One Piece T Square - 150mm SKU: TS-150-2012
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One Piece T Square - 75mm One Piece T Square - 75mm SKU: TS-75-2012
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One Piece T Square - 3" One Piece T Square - 3" SKU: TS-3-2012
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Woodpeckers T-Squares were created so that woodworkers could achieve super-precise layouts quickly and easily. Calling this popular OneTime Tool a “T-Square” is like referring to a Jaguar sports sedan as a car. Woodpeckers T-Squares are truly innovative layout tools designed to eliminate the errors you can easily commit by measuring and marking strictly by eye.

Woodpeckers T-Squares are designed with two important facts in mind. First, we know that joinery and hardware layout almost always uses a workpiece edge as the reference surface. Secondly, many woodworkers use mechanical pencils for layout because of the accuracy that's possible with a thin, uniform lead. Woodpeckers T-Squares have a broad, precisely machined lip that registers solidly along the edge of your board, and a shaped blade with micro-fine holes spaced 1/32” or (for the metric versions) 1mm apart.

When you put the tip of your mechanical pencil or a sharp standard pencil in one of these holes and slide the square along your workpiece, you've got a layout line you can take to the bank. And of course you can then mark against the sides of the blade to complete your layout. Each side is beveled to a 30 degree angle with precise, laser engraved scale marking pitched right down to the surface.

Woodpeckers one piece T-Squares have no moving parts to shift out of place like with a combination square. What you get instead is a T-Square machined from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, with micro-fine 1mm diameter holes that guide the tip of your pencil to the exact location. The holes are organized on the blade so you'll find it easy to exactly repeat any layout details.

This special run of T-Squares includes the original 3” and 6” sizes plus a new 8” length. Three metric sizes, 75mm, 150mm and 200mm are also available. The scale and marking hole spacing is 1/32” for the imperial sizes and 1mm for the metric ones.

If you missed the original production run in 2010, here's another chance to add these popular high quality American made tools to your workshop.

These T-Squares are special made to order tools. The last day to order yours is Monday July 23rd. Shipment is planned for October, 2012. Made in U.S.A.

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