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OneTIME Tool - MT Center Gauge - 2014- Retired November 11, 2013


The Perfect Tool for Marking Mortise and Tenons.

No More Trial and Error. The MT Center Gauge takes the guesswork out of precisely marking out mortise and tenon joints when they must be centered exactly on your stock. Based on the never-fail reliability of a parallelogram, the MT Center Gauge features two, precision-machined parallel arms that quickly adjust to the stock thickness. The center bar is automatically placed dead center on the material. Now just mark out the center bar location on your stock– and you're done!

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MT Center Gauge - Deluxe Set - Stainless Steel Arms With Case SKU: MTCG-SSDEL
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MT Center Gauge - Stainless Steel Arms - Metric With Case SKU: MTCG-SSMM
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MT Center Gauge - Stainless Steel Arms With Case SKU: MTCG-SS
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MT Center Gauge - Aluminum Arms With Case SKU: MTCG-AL
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Choose From Four Mortise and Tenon Thicknesses. Changing the thickness of your mortise and tenon layout is fast and easy. The center bar is held in place by two, specially machined, stainless steel screws with knurled heads. Just take them out and switch to the center bar width you want. Center bars come in ¼”, 3/8”, 7/16” and ½” widths, the sizes you need for stock from ½” to a full 1” thick and more. The parallel arms open to accommodate stock up to 2” thick.

Marking Knife or Pencil. The MT Center Gauge comes with aluminum center bars for marking with a pencil, or stainless steel bars for long life when using a marking knife.

Mark Dead Center Every Time. Each center bar has a precision-machined 1mm tapered hole centered on the bar's width. Use this feature to mark the exact center of stock with either a scribe tool or mechanical pencil. Reliably finding the center of stock is essential in a variety of layout work.

Quality You Can Trust. The first time you hold the MT Center Gauge you'll instantly feel the quality of the tool. The action of the parallel arm's movement is silky smooth owing to the extremely tight tolerances of the tool's parts. It's made from aircraft-quality solid aluminum and machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Even the foam-lined case it comes in says class.

Like all Woodpeckers OneTime Tools, the new MT Center Gauges are only made to order in our own shop just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. As always, you will not be charged until the order is ready to ship (except Paypal). Deadline to order yours is Monday November 11th, 2013 and are expected to ship in March, 2014.


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