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OneTIME Tool - Marking Gauge and Panel Marking Gauge 2017 - Retired June 12, 2017


Improved! Now Mark Pencil Lines or Razor Sharp Scribe Lines. Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool®

Honest, A Pencil Line Is Often Good Enough. The wheel-style marking gauge has earned its deserved place for tight tolerance joinery layout. You just can’t beat that hairline mark cut crisply and accurately on end grain, cross grain or even with the grain. Every woodworker should have one and most do. But let’s face it, there are ample times when an easy to see, accurately drawn pencil line is preferable.

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Product Image Product Name
150mm Marking Gauge and 600mm Panel Marking Gauge 150mm Marking Gauge and 600mm Panel Marking Gauge SKU: MG-ALSETM-17
Out of stock
6" Marking Gauge & 24" Panel Marking Gauge - Aluminum Bar 6" Marking Gauge & 24" Panel Marking Gauge - Aluminum Bar SKU: MG-ALSETI-17
Out of stock
600mm Panel Gauge 600mm Panel Gauge SKU: MG-AL600-17
Out of stock
24" Panel Marking Gauge 24" Panel Marking Gauge SKU: MG-AL24-17
Out of stock
150mm Marking Gauge 150mm Marking Gauge SKU: MG-AL150-17
Out of stock
6" Marking Gauge 6" Marking Gauge SKU: MG-AL6-17
Out of stock

Now Mark Scribe Lines Or Pencil Lines With Woodpeckers All New Marking Gauge And Large Panel Marking Gauge.

When the challenge of adding pencil marking to a marking gauge came up, the design team at Woodpeckers didn’t think just about how to strap a pencil on the tool. Instead, they figured out how to make their own, unique mechanical pencil as a fully integrated part of the tool. The pencil, which stores in the hollow opening in the end of the bar, is easily screwed in place when needed. To advance the pencil lead when in use, just turn the screw! The pencil is designed for commonly available .9mm leads.

These Marking Gauges Are Not Just A “Two Trick” Pony. There’s a lot more to these tools than dual purpose marking. As you know, most all other wheel marking gauges, both the better ones and the cheap copies, are pretty much the same. The start with a thin steel bar, attach a round, hardened steel cutting blade to one end, engrave scales and slide a relatively small, round fence on the bar with a locking knob. But Woodpeckers Marking Gauges offer soo much more!

More First Class Features. The robust fence sizes are 3½“ long for the 6” marking gauge and 6½” for the Panel Gauge. These larger reference surfaces provide greater control for more precise marking. Using Optional spacers and a second marking wheel, you can lay down dual scribe lines in 1/16” increments from ⅛” to ½”, all in one pass. The spacers, extra wheel marker and pencil are safely stored onboard in the “non-business” end of the tool.

The large, knurled locking knob features a built-in hex wrench to tighten or loosen the wheel cutter and spacers. The knurled knob also has a protective nylon tip to prevent marring the tool’s bar. And the bar has two, precision, laser-engraved Imperial 1/32” scales; one for the wheel marker and one for the pencil marker. And if you are a metric fan, both gauges are available with millimeter scales. The bar itself is ¾” diameter which gives you a solid grip on the tool. When the tool-steel marking wheel gets dull in one section, it’s easy to rotate it to a fresh, sharp section. And should the wheel get dull all around, it can be sharpened by honing the flat surface on a stone or diamond plate.

Ordering Options to Suit Your Needs. You can separately order the 6” Marking Gauge or 24” Panel Marking Gauge or their 150mm and 600mm metric models. Alternately, choose Woodpeckers Deluxe Set in either Imperial or Metric models and get both gauges at a savings.

Pre-Order Now, Don’t Delay!

When They’re Gone, They’re Gone! Like all our OneTIME Tools®, the Marking Gauge and Panel Marking Gauge are only made-to-order in a one-time production run. We’ll make only enough tools to fill orders received by the June 12, 2017 deadline. Once orders are filled, these tools will be retired from our product line. Order yours today! Delivery is scheduled for November, 2017.

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All Woodpeckers tools are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC equipment in our shop located near Cleveland, Ohio.

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