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OneTIME Tool - Joiner/Carvers Mallet - 2012- Retired January 16, 2012


Woodpeckers new Joiner/Carver Mallet features interchangeable, textured, solid-brass heads. There's a total of four different heads you can choose from (the pictures only shows two). There are two tapered, one oval and one T-Head. The tapered heads come in two different sizes and weights.

Grouped product items
Product Image Product Name
5-PC Joiner/Carver Mallet Set #3 5-PC Joiner/Carver Mallet Set #3 SKU: JCM-SET3
Out of stock
3-PC Joiner/Carver Mallet Set #2 3-PC Joiner/Carver Mallet Set #2 SKU: JCM-SET2
Out of stock
3-PC Joiner/Carver Mallet Set #1 3-PC Joiner/Carver Mallet Set #1 SKU: JCM-SET1
Out of stock
1-1/4 lb Taper Head 1-1/4 lb Taper Head SKU: JCM-114TAPHD
Out of stock
1-1/2 lb Oval Head 1-1/2 lb Oval Head SKU: JCM-150OVALHD
Out of stock
3/4 lb Taper Head 3/4 lb Taper Head SKU: JCM-34TAPHD
Out of stock
1 lb T-Head 1 lb T-Head SKU: JCM-1T-HEAD
Out of stock
Mallet Handle only Mallet Handle only SKU: JCM-HANDLE
Out of stock

These solid brass heads are designed to strike dead with no recoil for accurately controlling chisels and carving tools. Either tapered head attaches in line with the turned aluminum handle making it easy to focus and transfer the impact energy right where you need it…at the chisel's cutting edge. The smaller tapered head weighs 3/4 of a pound and the larger one weighs 1-1/4 lbs. The outside surface has a grit-like finish to prevent slipping off one side or the other of chisel handle.

The T-style head is more like a regular hammer head where it's mounted perpendicular to the handle. This one weighs 1 lb and just over 3” in length; it's great for driving larger, wider chisels. And like the tapered heads, has a grit-like non-slip finish.

And finally the oval head is a popular style with carvers. It weights 1-1/2 pounds and has the non-slip finish like the others. In my opinion, a head heavier than this just becomes unwieldy.

Any of the heads thread onto the handle and tighten easily and securely. The handle itself is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, buffed and anodized. Its 5-1/2” length fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and has a protective anodized surface which won't tarnish even after decades of use.

Woodpeckers Joiner/Carver Mallet can be purchased a number of different weights depending on what you think you'll need. And like all Woodpeckers tools, it's made right here in our shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio.

The Joiner/Carver Mallet is part of our One-Time Tool program and is made to order. The last day to order yours is Monday January 16th, 2012. Delivery is scheduled for early March 2012.

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