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OneTIME Tool- Fibonacci Gauge - 2012- Retired June 11, 2012


Woodpeckers Fibonacci Gauges make it easy to strike Gold when proportioning any project.

Most woodworkers know about the Golden Section, which is also referred to as the Golden Ratio, the Golden Mean, or simply as phi, the Greek term for the ratio of 1 to 1.618. This use of this ratio to generate pleasing proportions has fascinated countless designers and craftsmen for over 2400 years, governing the dimensions of buildings (like the Parthenon), furniture and even everyday objects like credit cards. When it just looks right, it's a sure bet that the Golden Ratio is at work.

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It's hard to overstate the importance of using the Golden Ratio when designing a piece of furniture. From the simplest dimensions (like the length and width of a tabletop) to complex proportions (graduated drawer sizes, frame-and-panel assemblies and hardware layout, just to name a few), adhering to this so-called “divine ratio” (yet another name) is your guarantee that the overall composition will be pleasing to the eye.

One way to generate dimensions with the Golden Ratio is to multiply the smaller dimension by 1.618 to get a larger dimension. Another way is to plug in “a” or “b” values and solve the following equation: (a +b)/a = a/b. But instead of fussing with a tape measure and calculator, why not get your harmonious dimensions instantly with Woodpeckers Fibonacci Gauges?

Named after the Italian mathematician who brought the Golden Ratio to the world's attention over 8 centuries ago, Woodpeckers Fibonacci Gauges come in three different sizes (12”, 24” and 48”) to handle a wide range of proportioning assignments. Don't let the awkward “three-legged caliper” appearance of our gauges fool you. This ingeniously designed gauge instantly tells you the larger Golden Ratio dimension when you use the center leg to “measure” the smaller dimension.

We manufacture these valuable layout tools in our factory outside Cleveland, Ohio, to an exacting standard that Fibonacci would have admired. Woodpeckers Fibonacci Gauges are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for appearance, stain resistance, and smooth operation. With a set of Woodpeckers Fibonacci Gauges in your shop, you'll always have a quick, easy and foolproof way to get perfect proportions. Made in U.S.A.

The last day to order your Fibonacci Gauge is Monday June 11, 2012. Deliver scheduled for late August 2012.

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