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OneTIME Tool - Equal Space Divider - 2018 - Retired August 13, 2018


Evenly Divided Spaces - The Easy Way!

Dividing a project into equal spaces is not a big deal when the spacing is in even inches, but do you want to do the math for 5 equal spaces of 3-11/16" each? Probably not. Woodpeckers new Equal Space Divider takes the math out of the job by instantly positioning 6 lines equidistant from each other at any spacing between ¾" and 4". Even if you’re a wizard at fractions, this tool is just plain fun to use.

Based on the mathematical theory of the parallelogram, Woodpeckers new tool goes far beyond anything else on the market in both design and manufacturing. On the design side, competitive models and the maritime navigational tools they are based on give you a spaced series of pinpoints. You only get pinpoints because the pointers move at an angle. The marking arms of the Equal Space Divider always move parallel to each other AND stay perpendicular to the target line, meaning you can draw a line instead of just a point. No other equal space divider works this way. The two locks designed into this divider also work much better than alternatives. Their outside positions and dramatically increased surface area result in a much more robust lock.

On the production side, we cut each component of the Equal Space Divider out of stainless spring steel using a computer-controlled laser. The pivot pins aren’t the loose rivets typically used in low cost dividers, instead we made precision Swiss-machined pins turned to super tight tolerances and held in place with stainless steel e-clips. You won’t find a better fitting divider joint anywhere.

And to take it a step further, we designed this divider to have two large surface area joints to keep the spacing, once set, locked in place. You simply set the first and last pairs of arms to your desired spacing and tighten the knobs. That’s it. Using this approach, any inevitable stack up error is now eliminated.

Combine the clever design, top notch materials and the extreme attention to detail and you get a tool that you will love to use.

Like all our OneTIME Tools, Woodpeckers new Equal Space Divider is only made to order. The deadline to order yours is Monday, August 13, 2018. Once orders are filled, this tool will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for December 2018.

The Equal Space Divider is manufactured in our Strongsville, Ohio factory, just south of Cleveland. Proudly Made in the USA!

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