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OneTIME Tool - Dado Setup Fixture & Gap Gauges - Retired April 3, 2017


Precise Dado Setups Simplified and Fast

Say Goodbye To Tedious Trial and Error Dado Setups. The only way to describe dado setups is an “on again, off again affair.” Mount the blades and chippers in your table saw, add some shims to guestimate the desired width, tighten the arbor nut, make a test cut, repeat. And repeat again. Oh yeah, try not to drop anything into the deep pile of dust inside your saw! Is it any wonder dado setups are dreaded?

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Dado Setup Fixture Deluxe Kit Dado Setup Fixture Deluxe Kit SKU: DSF-DELUXE
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Gap Gauge - Standard Gap Gauge - Standard SKU: GG-STD-17
Out of stock
Dado Setup Fixture (DSF) Dado Setup Fixture (DSF) SKU: DSF
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Dado Setup Fixture Arbor 1" (DSF) Dado Setup Fixture Arbor 1" (DSF) SKU: DSF-ARBOR1
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Dado Setup Solution, Woodpeckers New DSF Paired With Gap Gauge. The Dado Setup Fixture (DSF) enables woodworkers to find the perfect dado stack combination before installing it in the table saw. When using the DSF along with the Woodpeckers clever Gap Gauge measuring device; dado setups are a “can’t miss” operation.

First, you need to determine the physical thickness of the material, like plywood, that you want to fit into the dado. The Gap Gauge is a perfect solution to accurately determine the correct width.

Second, use the Gap Gauge along with the DSF to match your setup. The beauty of the DSF is that it mimics the mounting of your dado set in the table saw. But using the DSF is faster and easier because it’s on your bench top or in a vise. And the Gap Gauge virtually eliminates the need for trial and error test cuts.

Simple Tools Yield Great Results. The Dado Setup Fixture has a 5/8" bronze “arbor” and a threaded knob that tightens the dado stack configuration just as your saw’s arbor nut would. The arbor can accommodate dados up to 15/16" thick.

Securing the base of the DSF is easy. Shoulders milled on the long edges make for easy vice installation. The base also has two, 3/8" holes with matching locating pins.

Just use the DSF base as a drill guide to perfectly space the holes on your bench or other work surface. The DSF even comes with optional bushings that perfectly match the hole pattern of Festool’s Multi-Function Table (MFT).

The Gap Gauge Has A Range Of Uses. The genius of the Gap Gauge is that by simply gauging either the thickness of material or inside dimension of a joint, the opposite end of the Gap Gauge is perfectly set to the required size for the other mating half of the joint.

As examples, you can gauge an existing dado for a precision fit, or pare a tenon to perfection by measuring a mortise using the fingered side of the tool. Then, use the solid edge to gauge your tenon.

Ordering Options to Suit Your Needs.  You can separately order any of the three products– Dado Setup Fixture, Gap Gauge or Gap Gauge Mini. Alternately, you can order Woodpeckers Deluxe Kit and get all three products at a savings.

Pre-Order Now, Don’t Delay. Like all our OneTIME Tools, the Dado Setup Fixture and Gap Gauges are only made to order in a one-time production run in our shop near Cleveland, Ohio. Deadline to order yours is Monday April 3, 2017. Once orders are filled, the tool will be retired from our product line. Order yours today! Delivery is scheduled for July, 2017.

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