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OneTIME Tool- CLAMPING CAULS - 2019 - Retired September 8, 2019


Keep The Pressure On With Woodpeckers Clamping Cauls! Clamping cauls have been valuable workshop aids for as long as woodworkers have been gluing up assemblies to make furniture and cabinetry. Traditionally fashioned from spare lengths of wood, these shop aids provide two critical benefits during the glue-up process: They protect the workpiece from the marring effects of metal clamping feet, while also helping to distribute clamping pressure.


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Clamping Caul Set Clamping Caul Set SKU: CAULSET-19
Includes pairs of 24", 36" & 48" Clamping Cauls.
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Clamping Caul Pair – 48" Clamping Caul Pair – 48" SKU: CAUL48X2-19
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Clamping Caul Pair – 36" Clamping Caul Pair – 36" SKU: CAUL36X2-19
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Clamping Caul Pair – 24" Clamping Caul Pair – 24" SKU: CAUL24X2-19
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Clamping Cauls

Woodworkers discovered early on that by cambering a caul to create a belly at its center, it's possible to increase clamping pressure between the clamps that are positioned at each end of the caul. This refinement is especially useful when it's not possible to place a clamp at the center of the assembly. The pressure applied by the camber does the work of the missing clamp.

Woodpeckers Clamping Cauls are designed to provide all the benefits of traditional cambered wood cauls, plus a few more. First of all, we machine our cauls from solid, 3/4”-thick phenolic –the same indestructible material we use in our premium line of router tables. Our phenolic versions won't ever warp, twist or crack due to age, clamping pressure or varying temperature and moisture conditions. Since common PVA wood glues don't adhere well to phenolic, you won't have to worry about gluing these cauls to your project.  More advanced glues should be tested.

Woodpeckers Clamping Cauls are available in three lengths that would be useful for a wide range of cabinetry and furniture projects : 24”, 36” and 48”. Phenolic's consistent structural characteristics and the precision that's possible with our CNC machinery enable us to engineer and shape these cauls to exacting standards. The perfectly symmetrical arc (camber) machined along both long edges of each caul allows you to deliver up to 225 lbs. of pressure, evenly distributed between the only two clamps – you need to hold them in place.

You can continue to make wood clamping cauls as the need arises, trying to get the camber right for a particular application. But Woodpeckers Clamping Cauls eliminate this troublesome step, and give you strong, even clamping pressure every time. Putting these new cauls to work is like having a strong-armed assistant who's obsessed with quality control and is willing to work for free.

Woodpeckers Clamping Cauls are sold in pairs and as a complete set with all three different-sizes. These The Clamping Cauls like all Woodpeckers One-Time Tools are only made to order. The last day to order yours is Sunday, Sept 8, 2019. Delivery is scheduled for late December 2019.

Made in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio.

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