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OneTIME Tool Boat Builder's Bevel Gauge - Retired November 5, 2018


Let's get one thing clear right away… you don't have to be a boat builder to need this tool. If you ever need to replicate an angle from one part of a project to another, you need this bevel gauge. Boat builders face the problem all the time. No matter how carefully they stick to the plans, there comes a point where the angle on the drawing and the angle on the project don't quite match. In the boat building world, the project always wins…fitting is much more important than being a specific angle.

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Product Image Product Name
Deluxe Boat Builders Bevel Gauge Set Deluxe Boat Builders Bevel Gauge Set SKU: B3GDELSET-18
Includes 3" and 5" Boat Builder's Bevel Gauges in a molded case and the Angle Reference Plate. (Angle Reference Plate does not store in the case.)
Out of stock
Boat Builders Bevel Gauge Set Boat Builders Bevel Gauge Set SKU: B3GSET-18
Boat Builder's Bevel Gauge Set with a molded case. Includes 3" and 5" gauges.
Out of stock
Boat Builders Bevel Gauge - 5 Inch Boat Builders Bevel Gauge - 5 Inch SKU: B3G5-18
5 Inch Boat Builders Bevel Gauge in molded case.
Out of stock
Boat Builders Bevel Gauge - 3 Inch Boat Builders Bevel Gauge - 3 Inch SKU: B3G3-18
3 Inch Boat Builders Bevel Gauge in molded case.
Out of stock

That's why a boat builder (or anyone who makes stuff “fit”) needs a bevel gauge that can be pressed into or around an angle and hold that angle while transferring to a joining workpiece. Our product developers tested scores of different spring washers and pivot shafts to find just the right balance between moving easily into position and staying there through normal handling. When we got it just right, we had to start all over again, because we decided to offer two different sizes.

The 5" Boat Builder's Bevel Gauge handles common jobs easily. It's a comfortable size to work with most of the time. In “boatspeak”, it's ideal for scarf joints, frame members and lapstrake fitting. If you're remodeling you'll find it works well in older homes where “square” is a relative term. 

The 3" model is just barely bigger than a pocket knife, making it perfect for really tight areas and small projects. It's small and light enough that you can have it with you all the time while you're working with odd angles.

Both models use stainless steel for the blades, pivot pins, spring washers and machine screws. The main bodies are machined from very stable cast aluminum plate and then anodized for wear and corrosion resistance. In short, these bevel gauges are better prepared for life in a marine environment than any others on the market.

Both models come in a protective case with a custom cut foam liner. Or, if you can't make up your mind which size to get, we've got you covered with a special price on the pair in a slightly larger case that holds both.

Like all Woodpeckers OneTIME Tools, the Boat Builders Bevel Gauge is only made to order, manufactured in our Strongsville, Ohio facility. The deadline to order yours is Monday, November 5, 2018. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, they will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for February, 2019.

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