OneTIME Tool - Bevel Gauge & Angle Reference Plate 2016 - Retired July 18, 2016


One of Our Best Tools, Ever!

A Simple Tool Beautifully Rendered.  Some tools are special. You get a good feeling just holding them. Maybe the tool was handed-down from your dad. Or, the tool is perfect in design and function. In use, it becomes an extension of your hand. Woodpeckers Precision Bevel Gauges are such a tool. You can’t fully appreciate it until you hold and use it.

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Return Engagement! Our Precision Bevel Gauge and Angle Reference Plate were last released a couple years ago. Since then, we’ve had many requests to offer them again. Continuing demand has convinced us these outstanding tools deserve another production run.

Hands Down, The Best Bevel Gauge Available Today. Most bevel gauges have a couple problems. One, the blade doesn’t lock dependably and two, the wing nut or tightening lever gets in the way when setting the blade.

Woodpeckers Bevel Gauges solve these problems. Like all better-made bevel gauges, Woodpeckers gauges use a long-ago patented blade locking mechanism that tightens the blade from the base of the handle. Our improved lever design won’t get in the way when setting your angle. A mere half turn delivers a vice-like grip on the blade. There’s yet another innovation. You can pre-tension the slide resistance between the blade and handle when not locked. This unique feature makes it easier to creep up to the exact angle you’re after.

Only the Finest Materials Used. These Precision Bevel Gauges have a beautiful, satin-finish, stainless spring steel blade. Stainless steel is also used in all the internal blade lock mechanism parts. The anodized aluminum handle provides just the right “heft” and is extremely durable. We machine these quality materials using our state-of-the-art CNC equipment to insure high performance over a long life.

Angle Reference Plate, the Perfect Companion.  When you need to determine an exact numeric angle, our Angle Reference Plate makes this simple work. On the 3" x 16" x 1/4"-thick aluminum plate, we laser engrave angles from 0° to 30° in 1/4° increments on one side and 31° to 55° on the other. Complimentary angles, like 90° to 60° and 90° to 120° on the 0° to 30° side, are also included. These easy-to-read lines are conveniently identified using solid lines for whole degrees, dashed lines for half and dotted lines for 1/4°.

7" & 12" Gauges to Fit Your Needs. Our 7" Bevel Gauge is the perfect choice for most furniture and joinery layout applications. And you’ll use it often for setting angles on your table saw and miter saws, drill press or bandsaw. For larger cabinets, carpentry and trim carpentry work, our larger 12" Bevel Gauge is just the ticket.

Ordering Options. You’ll save money ordering our Deluxe Set that includes both 7" and 12" Precision Bevel Gauges and the handy Angle Reference Plate.

When They’re Gone, They’re Gone! Like all our OneTIME Tools, our Bevel Gauges and Angle References Plates are only made to order. Deadline to order yours is July 18, 2016. Once orders are filled, these tools will be retired from our product line.

Delivery is scheduled for November, 2016. The Bevel Gauges and Angle Reference Plates are manufactured in our company’s shop located near Cleveland, Ohio. Made in the U.S.A.

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