OneTIME Tool 6-in-1 Shop Gauge - Retired October 1, 2018


Woodpeckers 6-in-1 Shop Gauge - Precise Settings & Handy Reference Methods!

Almost every step in a woodworking project has some sort of complicated layout line or critical machine set up that needs a precise measurement transfer. Unless your shop has lighting from every possible direction and your eyesight is eagle-like, setting up by eyeballing a rule can lead to error and frustration. Setting up to a physical reference is easier on your temper and much more accurate.  Woodpeckers newest OneTIME Tool, the 6-in-1 Shop Gauge gives you that physical reference with locked-in accuracy on the measurements and flexibility on how you set it up.

At the heart of the 6-in-1 is a pair of stainless steel gear racks. Every time you lock the 6-in-1, the gear teeth engage locking the two halves together at perfect 1 /32" (or 1mm) steps…get it close and the rack will do the rest.  If you need to set a dado blade for a 13/32" depth of cut, don’t try to find top dead center against the tiny markings on a ruler or tape. Set the 6-in-1, rest it on your table saw and raise the blade until it just kisses the reference surface as it goes past TDC. If you prefer to work in metric measurements, just take the gear racks off, flip them over and now the rack will lock at perfect 1mm intervals. It’s great if you work in metric all the time…it’s even better if you don’t! Don’t spend time trying to work conversions when fitting something metric, just flip your racks, make your setting and move on.

Locking in precisely is great, but you also have to get that measurement where you need it. We looked at the best layout tools of all time and incorporated as many of their features as we could into the 6-in-1. Let’s take a look at the 6 different reference options.

1. Saw Blade & Router Bit Depth of Cut. Move the Sliding Block away from the referencing feet and read the scale on the inside of the base. Lock the gauge at your desired setting, stand the gauge on its feet and you’re ready to adjust the height of a table saw blade or a bit in a router table.

2. Drill Bit Stop Collars. Using the same scale but the opposite end of the tool, there’s a vee grove to cradle a drill bit while you bring a stop collar up to the end of the Sliding Block.

3. Locate Center of a Board. Put the feet on opposite sides of a board and hold the gauge so both feet are firmly in contact with the board surface and the tiny hole in the Base will be at the exact center of the board. Put a mechanical pencil in the hole and you can slide along the length, scribing the center as far as you need.

4. Marking Gauge. Move the Sliding Block past the end of the feet and you have a marking gauge. There’s a notch in the center of the Sliding Block to help you keep your pencil properly positioned.

5. Depth Gauge. Using the same scale and positioning as the Marking Gauge mode, you can check the depth of rabbets and shoulders to make sure they match your desired setting…it’s a perfect “go – no go” gauge.

6. Restricted Opening Depth Gauge. Last but not least, there’s a 3/16” diameter rod with a scale to read the depth of any hole or narrow groove (larger than the diameter of the rod).The two halves of the 6-in-1 are machined from aircraft grade aluminum billet stock on our state-of-the-art CNC mills. After machining, they’re anodized for protection and to give them our familiar “Woodpecker Red” color. All three scales are laser engraved with accuracy guaranteed to be within three thousandths of an inch (0.003”) at any point on the scale. The gear racks, stabilizing feet, knobs and depth probe are all made from stainless steel, machined right here in our facility.

Your 6-in-1 Shop Gauge will come in a molded case with a custom-cut foam liner to protect your tool when not in use. Like all Woodpeckers OneTIME Tools, the 6-in-1 is only made to order in our Strongsville, Ohio shop. Deadline to order yours is Monday, October 1st, 2018. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, this tool will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for January, 2019.

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