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OneTIME Tool- 50" Woodworking Rule and New Hook Stop - 2011- Retired June 13, 2011



Woodpeckers NEW 50” Precision Woodworking Ruler. Want a ruler that's actually designed for woodworking? Something more accurate than a tape measure or yardstick? Well, you've found it!

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Woodworking Ruler with 0-49.5 Woodworking Ruler with 0-49.5" / 0-49.5" SKU: OTT-WWR49-SAW
Out of stock

Woodworking Ruler with 0-49.5 Woodworking Ruler with 0-49.5" / 24.75"-0--24.75" SKU: OTT-WWR49
( 0-49.5” scale, 1/16" graduations, 0-49.5” scale and 24.75”-0-24.75”centering scale. Actual length is 49.5”)
Out of stock

Woodworking Ruler with 0-49.5” / 0-1257mm Woodworking Ruler with 0-49.5” / 0-1257mm SKU: OTT-WWR491200
(0-49.5” scale, 1/16" graduations, AND 0-1257mm scale, 1mm graduations. Imperial scale along one edge and Metric scale along the other edge. Both starting on the left end. Actual length is 49.5”)
Out of stock


Woodpeckers newest One-Time Tool is a 50” long, precision-machined ruler that's sure to make accurate measuring and layout quicker than ever.

From the 30 degree easy-to-read beveled edges, laser-engraved scale markings and the stability of a recessed bottom, it won't take long before you wonder how you got along without it.

At over 50” long, this measuring and layout tool can easily span the width of most sheet goods and with the addition of the optional Hook-Stop, positively reference the starting point while you're four feet away to make your mark. No stretching, no overreaching.

Three different versions are available; inch, metric or a combination of both. The inch and metric styles have a conventional linear scale in 1/16 th or 1mm increments along one edge and a center scale on the opposite. The combination rule has a conventional inch scale on one edge and a metric scale on the other. Actual length is 50-1/2” or 1282mm.

Treat yourself to the best. Made in the USA in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio.

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