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OneTIME Tool - 45-90 SS TRIANGLES - 2016 - Retired May 16, 2016


Say Goodbye To Parallax Problems With Our Can't Miss Precision Angle Layout Tool.

Angles Are The Hobgoblins of Woodworking. It’s a certainty that if you can’t draw a precise angle you probably can’t cut one, either. And when angles are not precisely cut, the slightest imperfection compounds resulting in ill-fitting parts. As woodworkers, we’ve been hampered drawing accurate angles because the available tools leave much to be desired. A typical protractor is far too small. The traditional bevel protractor has degree scales that are difficult to read even with perfect eyesight.

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45-90 SS Triangle Inch Set 45-90 SS Triangle Inch Set SKU: 4590SST-ISET
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45-90 SS Triangle Metric Set 45-90 SS Triangle Metric Set SKU: 4590SST-MMSET
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45-90 SS Triangle 400mm 45-90 SS Triangle 400mm SKU: 4590SST-400
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45-90 SS Triangle 16 Inch 45-90 SS Triangle 16 Inch SKU: 4590SST-16
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45-90 SS Triangle 8 Inch 45-90 SS Triangle 8 Inch SKU: 4590SST-8
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45-90 SS Triangle 200mm 45-90 SS Triangle 200mm SKU: 4590SST-200
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45-90 SS Triangle 4 Inch 45-90 SS Triangle 4 Inch SKU: 4590SST-4
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45-90 SS Triangle 100mm 45-90 SS Triangle 100mm SKU: 4590SST-100
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Problem Solved! Woodpeckers New 45-90 SS Triangles. Our latest OneTIME Tool enables you to draw truly accurate angles with confidence. And when you can draw a precise angle you can then use your drawing to check angle setup cuts. With Woodpeckers new triangles you have the perfect “go, no go” gauge. What makes our new triangles the best angle layout tool on the market? Diamonds– that’s right, diamonds. The precisely cut diamond shapes lock your pencil in position when marking your desired angle. This marking method virtually eliminates errors that often arise from parallax problems.

Two Degree Scales for Can’t Miss Accuracy. The 45-90 SS (stainless steel) Triangles feature two different degree scales. One scale is engraved along the outside edge of the hypotenuse in 1° increments. When using this scale, the reference point is the outside edge of the triangle’s square (90°) corner. The second scale uses precise, laser cut diamond shapes for can’t miss marking. When using this scale the reference point is the triangle’s inside 90° corner. All three sizes of our new triangles have diamonds for the most commonly used angles, 0°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 67½° and 90°. The larger 8” and 16” models also have diamonds in 1° increments arrayed in three arcs.

Even More Features. The 45-90 SS Triangles are more than just a great angle layout tool. Because they are perfectly machined isosceles right triangles, the shape gives you square 90° and 45° miter square reference edges. The two shorter triangle legs are laser engraved with 1/16” Imperial or 1 mm metric scales. These tools are fully engraved on both sides and are built to last, made from heavy-duty, 16 gauge stainless spring steel with a non-glare satin finish.

Choose Our 45-90 SS Triangles In Three Sizes, Or Get The Set And Save. Our latest OneTIME Tool triangles are available in 16", 8" or 4" sizes and in their metric equivalents. Your individiual triangle or set will be delivered in a wall mountable MDF case for safekeeping.

When They’re Gone, They’re Gone! The 45-90 SS Triangles are part of Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool program and are only made to order. Deadline to place your order is Monday, May 16, 2016. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, the tools will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for September, 2016.

Like all Woodpeckers tools, the 45-90 SS Triangles are machined in our shop outside Cleveland, Ohio.

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