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OneTIME Tool - 1281SE Special Edition Woodworking Square - Retired November 10, 2019


Hard Coat Anodizing Makes This Superior Woodworking Square Vastly More Durable

A Square Must Be Square, Period. Our ever-popular 1281 Square is made square and built to stay that way. For years and generations to come, it’s a tool you will trust every time you reach for it. And now, for a limited time, Woodpeckers is offering this square in a Special Edition model. The 1281SE is specially treated with a hard coat aluminum oxide anodizing process that adds decades to the tools durability. More on that in a minute!

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Unmatched Precision and Quality. The 1281 Square starts as a solid piece of very expensive, extremely stable cast aluminum tool plate. This large plate is carefully machined to exacting tolerances on new, state-of-the-art CNC machinery. The result is a single piece square with a 12" blade and 8" handle. Our careful machining process ensures each 1281 Square is perpendicular to at least .0085 degrees or better and 100% verified using our cutting-edge CNC inspection equipment. No other manufacturer goes to these exacting quality control checks.

Once we have a perfectly machined square we add two pieces of precision-machined aluminum to form cheeks of the handle. These cheeks are fitted to the square with two stainless steel pins that ensure bulletproof rigidity and perfect alignment. This kind of strength and precision simply cannot be matched by multi-piece squares or those stamped out by the millions and commonly found in big box stores.

The 1281 Special Edition Gets the Treatment! Hard Coat Anodizing is what makes the Special Edition model– special. Like regular anodizing, it is a controlled electrochemical process. Hard coat anodizing bonds aluminum oxide to the base aluminum material resulting in an extremely hard surface. The surface of the 1281SE has a Rockwell hardness (Rc) rating of 65. That puts the square in the upper ranges of tool steel hardness. This coating will never peel or wear because half of it penetrates the core material. This finish is smoother, and corrosion, abrasion and wear resistant. Furthermore, the finish will not fade from prolonged exposure to sunlight like regular anodizing sometimes can.

Many Features Make the 1281SE Square a Joy to Use. The first thing you’ll notice is the heft of the tool and how good it feels in your hand. In use, you’ll discover how the square rests hands-free on the edge of a board thanks to the lip created by the cheeks of our special handle design. The design also enables the square to securely stand on its beefy, 3/4" thick handle edge. These design features make machine setup and squaring case parts a breeze.

More user-friendly features include a finger slot in the blade to hold it exactly in place when checking square ends. We even mill a notch at the square’s inside corner so you can “zero-out” your layout lines all the way to the edge of a board.  Easy to read measurement scales are laser etched in 1/16th increments on both sides of the blade. We also offer the 1281 Square in metric, 1mm scales. All 1281 Squares come in a custom-fitted case that’s ready to mount on your shop wall.

Our Guarantee. We’re so confident in the accuracy of the 1281 Square we guarantee each square is perpendicular to at least .0085 degrees or better. We guarantee your 1281SE Square will meet this tolerance or we’ll repair or replace it upon return and inspection by us.

Order Now, Don’t Delay!

The 1281SE Special Edition Square is part of Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool program and is only made to order. The deadline to order yours is Sunday 11/10/19. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, this product will be retired from our product line. We anticipate shipping these tools in November and carrying through December.

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