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OneTIME Tool- One Piece T Square - 2010- Retired January 3, 2011

Over the next few months we'll be producing limited runs of a variety of new woodworking tools. Why limited? That's all we have time for. In some cases they will be one-time products not likely to be repeated. In other cases we may re-run them once or twice a year.
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One Piece T Square - 6" One Piece T Square - 6" SKU: TS-6
One Piece T Square - 150mm One Piece T Square - 150mm SKU: TS-150
One Piece T Square - 3" One Piece T Square - 3" SKU: TS-3
One Piece T Square - 75mm One Piece T Square - 75mm SKU: TS-75

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This week's limited production tools are 3”, 6”, 75mm and 150mm T-Squares. These are one-piece T-Squares machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum. You can't get any more accurate or solid than that. They feature micro-fine 1mm holes spaced 1/32nd of an inch apart for the imperial version and 1mm apart for the metric style. A one millimeter hole fits standard wooden as well as mechanical pencils perfectly.

These precision T-Squares are designed for laying out joinery such as mortises, tenons , cabinet hardware, cross dowels and any other short range marking applications. We'll be machining this 2nd chance run in January and plan on shipping in early February. Deadline to order any of these is Monday 1/3/2011.

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If there's enough demand, we may re-run some of these tools. If you're interested, please click here to leave us your comments. Thanks.



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