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OneTIME Tool - Dovetail Marking Gauges - 2011- Retired January 17, 2011


If you've tried cutting dovetails by hand, you know that it takes some skill and lots of practice. It doesn't require power tools but the hand tools you need do have to be sharp and accurate. Among the tools you need is a dovetail marking gauge. This device helps to create consistent, matching angles on both faces of the pin and tail boards.

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Over the years there have been many similar designs of dovetail markers, all with the same objective: to trace the dovetail pattern onto both sides of the board in exactly the same position. Doing this typically requires using a square to transfer the marks across the end grain of the board. This additional step with a separate tool can lead to errors.

To help make this process a little easier and more accurate, the Woodpeckers Dovetail Marking Gauges have a center leg that matches up exactly with the dovetail edge so once you have it in position you can mark the angle and the end grain mark in a single step. Then by flipping the gauge to the opposite face, the same leg can easily be lined up with the existing mark. The half opposite the dovetail gauge is a straight 90 degree saddle square. This is used if the board thickness is greater than one inch.

These precision marking gauges are machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum to assure consistent accuracy and anodized for durability. Each is engraved with the ratio and angle in degrees.

There are different schools of thought as far as what angle to use for a particular type of wood. A general guideline is as follows; 1:8 for softwood, 1:6 for hardwood and 1:7 for general purpose.

The Dovetail Marking Gauges are One-Time Tools. That means we take pre-orders and make them on when we have open machine time. They are not stocked and the ordering window is limited. The cutoff date for these is Monday January 17th, 2011. Made in U.S.A. Expected ship date is approximately the week of February 14th 2011.

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