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OneTIME Tool- Saddle Squares - 2011- Retired March 21, 2011

Ok, so we didn't invent saddle squares. But I think we have taken it to a new level of accuracy. Instead of chopping an extrusion to length, we instead machined these from a billet of aircraft grade aluminum. That is by far the most accurate way to make anything.
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90 Degree Saddle Square – Metric Scale 90 Degree Saddle Square – Metric Scale SKU: SSQ90-MM
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What makes a saddle square different from any other square? A saddle square makes it easy to mark on perpendicular sides of a board, accurately. Let's say you need to transfer a mark from one side of a board to the other, with our saddle square you first mark the top, then without moving it mark the front. Now flip the board over, align the short leg with the mark on the back edge and strike a mark on the face. Do it once any you'll be hooked.

One common application where doing this accurately is important is when making tenons. All four sides should be cut the same distance from the end to avoid gaps. Having marks that line up perfectly around all the sides is obviously very important. That's where this Saddle Square will really pay for itself.

All three edges are beveled and engraved with inch or metric scale markings for short measurements.

Dimensions are 2-1/2 x 3/4 on the inside by 3-1/2 inches wide.

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