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OneTIME Tool- Blade Gauge - 2011- Retired February 9, 2011


So what's so special about the Woodpeckers Blade Gauge? It's designed specifically for verifying and setting the blade to the top of your table saw. It isn't a framing square, tri-square or any other kind of square. A square is great, but not for checking saw blades. They're either too big to stay below the teeth and gullets, or too small to avoid resting on the throat plate. The Blade Gauge is also easier to use than a digital angle gauge because it doesn't matter if your saw is level.

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Blade Gauge 45/90 with case Blade Gauge 45/90 with case SKU: BG4590-WITHCASE
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Blade Gauge 45/90 no case Blade Gauge 45/90 no case SKU: BG4590-NOCASE
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At 2-1/2”, it's the ideal size to check 10” blades below the teeth and gullet. It's long and heavy enough (over a pound) to be used on either side of the blade opening. It not only doesn't rest on the throat plate, you don't even need the throat plate to be in the saw. Both upper and lower edges are surface ground to perfection in straightness and parallel.

One end is machined to a perfect 90, the other to a 45. And speaking of 45, you can use it on the acute or obtuse side of the blade. That can be very handy depending on whether your saw tilts right or left. Both ends are beveled to make it very easy to see gaps of light.

Made from medium hard tool steel. Available with or without a fitted, protective case. Keep it oiled when not in use for extended periods of time. Made in U.S.A.

We have a limited amount of material for the Blade Gauge at this price. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis and will remain available until we sell out. Thanks for your understanding. We will begin making them in February and plan on shipping around the 1st of March, 2011.

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Country of Manufacture United States