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OneTIME Tool - 640 Square - 2011- Retired January 24, 2011


What makes a good square? It of course needs to be dead square and easy to use. That is the perfect description of Woodpeckers latest One-Time Tool, the 640 Square. This is a woodworkers square. It has the accuracy, weight and ease of handling that woodworkers need.

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640 Square, metric graduations, with case 640 Square, metric graduations, with case SKU: 640SQMM-CASE
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640 Square, inch graduations, with case 640 Square, inch graduations, with case SKU: 640SQIN-CASE
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640 Square, inch graduations, no case 640 Square, inch graduations, no case SKU: 640SQIN
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640 Square, metric graduations, no case 640 Square, metric graduations, no case SKU: 640SQMM
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When the blade and base of a square are made from separate pieces, it can be difficult to keep them square. The best way to make a square is to machine it from a single block. That approach ensures accuracy and the strength to remain square when in constant use.

We didn't cut any corners when we made this tool. It starts as a block of aircraft grade aluminum and is then machined into a single solid square with all critical features made in a single operation without any repositioning of the block. It's rock solid and dead accurate. Nominal dimensions are 6” by 4” with a ¼” thick blade and a heavy ¾” thick base. Two versions are available, inch or metric. The inch version has scales engraved in 1/16 increments, the metric version (150mm length) graduated every 1mm.

With this much base thickness the square sits up solidly freeing up your hands. The side cheeks or handle is set back from the base leg allowing the square to lay perfectly flat both on and against the board. A traditional square needs to be tipped at an angle to stay square. That makes it more difficult to mark along both sides.

We take pride in making this high quality tool. I think you'll take pride in the quality of work it will enable you to do.

The 640 Square is available with or without a custom hard shell case. If you plan on storing it in your own tool chest, you can save a few dollars by ordering it without the case. On the other hand, the case is a bullet proof way of keeping this precision tool in good shape when not in use.

This is a One-Time Tool. Deadline to order is Monday January 24th . Once manufactured, they will ship the week of February 21, 2011. This specialty tool is made to order and will not be a stocked item. Made in the U.S.A.

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Country of Manufacture United States