Mokuba Japanese 3-Way Claw

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Much more than a pry bar, these 3-way pry bars will prove their worth in any tool bag or workshop. The ideal tool for taking apart assembled items of furniture without causing damage, these pry bars are made from hardened high premium quality tool steel and are extremely strong and durable.

The pry bar is wide and very slender with a beveled edge allowing it to fit into joints easily and is curved to give maximum leverage when prying pieces apart. This pry bar has a split in it allowing it to be used to remove nails if required. At the other end, an angled cat's paw with flat striking surface will remove nails quickly and may be driven around the nail with a hammer if required. The third function that this pry bar has to offer is it's ability to be used as a hammer. The flat surface at the back of the cat's paw may be used to drive nails. Made in Japan. Wide blade is 1-5/8” wide and bar is 8” in overall length.
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Country of Manufacture Japan