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Micro Jig Matchfit Dado Stop

Special Price $22.99 Regular Price $25.99

Taking a physical measurement to ensure a dado or inlay is cut to the exact right width is the fool proof way to ensure your joint will fit perfectly. The new Matchfit Dado Stop does exactly this, in a very compact and simple tool that will take all of the guesswork and test cuts out of the equation! The Matchfit Dado Stop clamps to your rip fence using the Matchfit Dado Clamps. In a simple 1-2-3 process, your fence is perfectly positioned for your cut. The beauty of the Matchfit Dado Stop is that it does all of the measuring for you by taking into account the kerf width of your blade and the width of the stock that will be fitted into the dado. You can also use the Matchfit Dado Stop as a stop block for repeatable cross cuts.



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Country of Manufacture United States