OneTIME Tool - MFT Square - 2015 - Retired February 16, 2015


Quickly Calibrates MFT Guide Rail and Fence, Reliable Accuracy Every Time.

Squaring Up Your Festool MFT Just Got A Whole Lot Easier. Woodpeckers newest OneTIME Tool is the solution to squaring the MFT guide rail and fence. It is purposely designed with features that make it uniquely effective. Our MFT Square’s 1-1/8” thick legs allow users to square the fence and guide rail for material 1” thick or less while the square lays flat on the table. The square’s 17” long legs provide ample reference surfaces.

Woodpeckers Precision and Quality, As Good As It Gets. The backbone of the MFT Square is a meticulously machined piece of stainless steel nearly 3/32” thick. The legs of the square start as five pound billets of aircraft grade aluminum which are machined to exacting tolerances. Each leg is then attached to the stainless steel web with a unique series of socket head screws and a stainless steel pin. Unlike most other squares, this arrangement makes it possible to recalibrate your square were it ever to get knocked out of alignment.

It’s a Beauty and a Beast. Out of the box, expect your first reaction to be WOW! Simply put, it’s a beauty of a tool. Its shape, proportions and scale are perfect. Beyond its appearance, those openings along the legs are convenient, comfortable handles.

The delta shaped opening is used for hanging the square using the included stainless steel bracket that attaches directly to the side of your MFT. For a square, its heft is considerable, weighing in at 4.8 pounds.

More Applications. The MFT Square has even more uses around the shop. It’s perfect to square miter gauges and table saw sleds, sliding miter saws and even for checking assembled casework parts, frames and cabinetry.

Pre-Order Now, Don’t Delay. Like all our OneTIME Tools, the MFT Square is only made to order. The deadline to order yours is February 16, 2015. Order yours today! Delivery is scheduled for June, 2015.

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