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Kazu Japanese Chisels


Using a quality hand tool is always a pleasure. These quality Japanese chisels will give you years of service even in the most demanding shop. Kazu brand chisels are the perfect marriage between hand forged laminated chisels and reasonable price. Kazu (meaning harmony) are made by the famous Fujikawa makers in Miki City, Japan. The chisels are forged using white paper steel laminated to a wrought iron core. The white paper steel, makes these chisels incredibly easy to sharpen and keep an edge in the hardest woods.

The 4-piece set combines the most popular sizes. 6mm (1/4”), 12mm (1/2”), 18mm (3/4”) and 24mm (1”). The chisels are 228mm (9”) long. The set includes a canvas tool roll that can store and protect up to eight chisels. Also included in the set is the sagariwa (hoop setting tool) to make the setup of the tools much easier.

All Japanese chisels that are meant to be struck by a hammer or mallet have a hoop on the end to protect the handle. This hoop is loose in shipping and is intended to be permanently attached by the user. It is a very simple task, but as a benefit gives the user a real understanding of the chisel. These chisels are tang chisels and a ferrule covers the area where the tang and handle meet. Once this is attached the ferrule and chisel are ground. That is why you will see a shinny area above the chisel. Please note that you will see the seam where the chisel and ferrule meet. This is not a defect, but purposely made this way to reduce vibration when hitting the chisel with a hammer.

Your chisels will need to be honed before use. These chisels are made in the traditional manner and the back of the chisel is dished out. This is done, so that you do not have to spend time flattening the whole back of the chisel. Only work on the raised edges. This will speed up the honing/sharpening process.

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Country of Manufacture Japan