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Incra Miter 1000SE


Our most popular miter gauge is the Incra M1KSE. This special edition miter gauge offers an 18” to 30” telescoping FlipFence and Flip Stop along with positive angle positions every 5 degrees and a 1/10 degree vernier scale.

Sold Out! Reserve Yours Today! Expected to Ship December 11, 2024.

Not only is this the first Incra Miter Gauge offering a telescoping fence, it also combines the legendary accuracy of Incra’s AngleLOCK miter head with the high end performance of Incra’s FlipFENCE and FlipSTOP system. No other stop system delivers +/- .001” accuracy of Incra’s patented rack system.

The Incra MITER1000 SE features a 3/4" x 3/8” steel miter bar with up to six expandable nylon rings to achieve an absolutely perfect fit in any standard miter gauge slot.

As an added bonus, the Woodpecker exclusive Special Edition miter gauge also includes a 1/10th degree vernier scale to reach typically impossible fractional angles.

The Special Edition Miter1000 comes standard with Incra’s finest cross cut fence, the FlipFENCE and FlipSTOP. The unique design of this fence guarantees a perfect stop point for mitered board ends. When in the stop position, both flip arms fully engage the front surface of the fence, thus preventing the board tip from slipping behind the stop.

A 1/10th degree vernier scale is included with the Special Edition Miter1000SE.

The 3/4" x 3/8" steel miter bar features up to six independent nylon expansion rings to ensure a perfect fit with the slot in your saw. A removable steel T-Clip helps to keep the miter gauge on your saw when fully retracted for wide crosscuts.

The secret to its accuracy is Incra’s AngleLOCK system. With a positive stop every 5 degrees as well as 22.5 and 30 degrees, you can’t miss.

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Country of Manufacture United States