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Woodpeckers Hook Rules
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Get dependable, repeatable measurements every time with our new, stainless steel 6” and 12” Hook Rules.

Nothing Beats A Hook Rule. You just can’t beat a hook rule for joinery and general layout work when you have an edge of your stock to reference. These tools trump a regular ruler or tape measure every time. That’s because the fixed, rigid hooks on the end of the ruler catch the stock’s reference edge and virtually eliminate any possibility of improperly positioning the rule.

The Measurement Tool You Can Always Trust. Hook rules were in use long before the tape measure was invented and remain a “must have” tool today for good reason. With a tape measure you can’t trust the accuracy of the hook. It’s always out of adjustment just from regular use. It’s also best to avoid the hazards of “burning an inch” to attempt making a more precise measurement. It is truly a fool’s mission to try and hold your tape on the exact edge of a board at the 1” mark.

Woodpeckers Hook Rule marking hinge mortise.
Hook Rule used to layout drawer pull handle.

Hook Rules Have Dozens of Uses. Use your Woodpeckers Hook Rule to precisely lay out dadoes and rabbets. It’s perfect for marking centers for dowel locations; concealed European hinges; mortise locations for butt hinges and marking hole-center locations for drawer pulls and knobs. You’ll quickly find the Hook Rule is your “go to” precision measurement tool when foolproof dependability is a must. And when isn’t it?

Woodpeckers Hook Rule setting bandsaw blade to fence.
Hook Rule checking router bit height.

A Great Ruler And A Handy Gauge. Our Hook Rules are meticulously fabricated on state-of-the-art CNC equipment from a single piece of hardened stainless spring steel. The steel is polished to a satin finish to provide an easy-to-read, non-glare surface. Each Hook Rule is carefully laser engraved in 1/32” increments on both sides and on the hook end providing a convenient vertical scale ideal for quickly setting saw blades, router and drill bits (also available in metric). The hooks extend 1/4” on both sides of the rule and are exactly 1/2” wide. The 12” Hook Rule blade is precisely 1” wide with a 1-1/2” hook end. The 6” blade is 3/4” wide and the hook end is 1-1/4”. You’ll find all these fixed, handy dimensions extremely useful in all sorts of gauging operations.

Hook Rule vertical scale used to set table saw blade height. Hook Rule vertical scale used to set bit distance from table.

What The Heck, Order the Set! We offer Hook Rules in 12” or 6” lengths (300mm or 150mm) and you can order both as a set. The 6” Hook Rule is .031" thick and perfect for your shop apron pocket. You’ll find the heavier .061" thick 12” version indispensible at your bench. Order your Woodpeckers Hook Rules and you’ll always get dependable, repeatable measurements making your woodworking projects faster, easier and even more fun.

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Hook Rule 12 Inch

12 Inch Hook Rule, .061" thick stainless spring steel. Made in USA.
Quantities Limited - no phone orders please.

Hook Rule 6 Inch

6 Inch Hook Rule, .031" thick stainless spring steel Made in USA.
Quantities Limited, no phone orders please.