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DUAX Angle Drilling Table


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Every detail in a drill press is focused on delivering one thing…vertical holes. A few have tilting tables, but using that feature is something most of us try to avoid, fearing the attempt to return the drill press back to square. Whether you dread adjusting the angle of the table or yours is fixed at 90°, Woodpeckers Duax Angle Drilling Table provides unparalleled control in setting, aligning and securing your work anytime you need to drill at an angle…or two. 

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Duax Angle Drilling Table - Deluxe Kit Duax Angle Drilling Table - Deluxe Kit SKU: DUAX-DEL
Includes Duax Clamping Kit.
Sold Out! Reserve Yours Today! Expected to Ship August 17, 2024.

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Duax Angle Drilling Table   Duax Angle Drilling Table   SKU: DUAX

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Duax Clamping Kit Duax Clamping Kit SKU: DUAX-CLMPKIT
Includes 2 Hold Down Clamps, Wedge Clamping System and 2 Button Stops.

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Duax Insert Replacements (5 pk) Duax Insert Replacements (5 pk) SKU: DUAX-INS
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DUAX Angle Drilling Table

The Duax consists of two components, the base and the adjustable angle table. The table mounts to the base in four different directions, allowing you to orient your material for clearance and proper angle direction. Laser-cut teeth engage to provide accurate angle settings on the table. The stainless steel quadrants on both sides of the table secure the angle even under heavy drilling pressure. An adjustable fence provides the “dual” in “dual-axis”, adjusting for any angle between 0° and 90° in either direction and positioned anywhere along the table. 

The table and fence will get your material placed correctly. Adding the Clamping Kit ensures it will stay in place safely while you drill. The Clamping Kit includes a wedge system to clamp your work against the fence and a pair of our Pivot Clamps to hold your work securely down to the table. You can even adjust the Duax vertically, hang it off the edge of the table and drill the ends of long material, like stool legs. The wedge gets tighter the more drilling pressure is applied. 

Also included in the Clamping Kit is a pair of button stops. Locate them in the table slots to position a round object precisely where you want it for drilling in the face. A vee-groove down the center of the table holds round stock for drilling across the diameter.  

While we used stool components to demonstrate the capability of the Duax, chairs and stools are just a couple of the applications for the Duax. Think of hall trees, coat racks, tool holders, mug racks and the thousands of other projects where material comes together at an angle with a dowel or round tenon. 

The base of the Duax is optimized for attachment to Woodpeckers DP-PRO Drill Press Table and our earlier Drill Press Tables. The attachment slots will also accommodate the holes, slots and tracks in many drill press tables. It is designed for drill presses 12" capacity and larger.  We added keyhole slots so you can keep your Duax stored out of the way, but in plain sight when you’re not using it.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Duax Angle Drilling Table is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, manufacturing facility (just south of Cleveland). You can get the Duax by itself or get the bundle that includes the Clamping Kit at an additional savings over buying them separately. The replaceable inserts come in 5-packs.

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Country of Manufacture United States


Q:  What is the size of the working surface?

A:  The surface measures 10-¼” long x 6” wide and is made from anodized aluminum.

Q:  Will the riser base fit my drill press table?

A:  The best fit will be on  a Woodpeckers drill press table with T Tracks spaced 14.5 inches on center. There are additional slots in the base to allow it to adapt to other tables and set ups.  It can also be attached to a separate sub base that can be attached to a difficult to fit factory drill press table.   The riser base can also be securely clamped to the drill press table surface if it cannot be bolted down.

Q:  How high is the adjustable table from the riser base?

A:  When the table is fully closed/flat at 0 degrees it sits 4-⅜ from the base.  When the table is adjusted to 45 degrees it is elevated 11-9/16” from the base.  When adjusted to 90 degrees it will be elevated to 14-⅛” from the base.