Downdraft Dust Cabinet


Enhance your work environment and add years to your router’s life with Woodpeckers new Downdraft Dust Cabinet. Porting the dust out the back of the fence gets a good portion of the chips off most routing operations, but the dust that does go down works its way into the motor windings and spindle bearings of your router. The Downdraft Dust Cabinet completely encloses your router and has a 4" port out the rear. It captures almost everything not caught up top and keeps your router clean and cool. The Downdraft Dust Cabinet is sized and shaped to fit even the largest routers on the market. Mounting it to a Woodpeckers Router Table requires no drilling, and mounting it to any other router table requires just a few simple screw holes.

Downdraft Dust Cabinet

Woodpeckers new Downdraft Dust Cabinet moves chips and dust efficiently without limiting access to your router. The large door on the front gives you instant access to your router’s controls. If the door is still in your way even when wide open, it lifts off instantly. There’s a variable size strain relief so you can feed the power cord of your router out of the cabinet without losing suction.

The Downdraft Dust Cabinet can be mounted to any router table with just 4 screws. On any Woodpeckers Router Table (including our new Extension Wing Router Tables) the holes are already pre-drilled (and tapped on phenolic tables). Installation couldn’t be simpler. We’ve even built in a blast gate so you can shut off the air flow when you’re not using the router table.

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Country of Manufacture United States