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Precision Clamping Squares

clamping square
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Cutting material perfectly square is one thing, getting that to show up in the finished product after assembly is quite another. Over the centuries, woodworkers have devised countless methods for getting the box, drawer or cabinet perfectly square while it's nailed, screwed, glued or all of the above. In the end, nothing any more complicated then something square to clamp your material against is all that's needed.

So in an interest to offer woodworkers a strong, solid, accurate solution, we decided to machine these 6 solid aluminum clamping squares. Each square is carefully machined, not molded, stamped or bent, into a ¾ thick, 1 wide, 6 x 6 square. All edges are chamfered, all surfaced buffed, and the whole thing anodized to prevent staining interaction with glue.

Of course there's always cheaper ways to make anything, but that's not what Woodpeckers is about.

To make it even more useful, four counter bored holes are strategically located for fixturing. What that means is you can temporarily, or permanently, attach this clamping square to your bench top or other material to further aid in project assembly, especially when you're working by yourself.

clamping square

They'll not only work inside a box, under or over a shelf but also around the outside corner.

We guarantee these Precision Clamping Squares to be flat, square and true, or we'll gladly replace them. Give them a try, you'll be surprised just how much better and easier your projects come together.


shelf cabinets
Perfect for squaring up shelf cabinets.

outside corners
Perfect for outside corners.

counter bored screw holes
Counter bored screw holes for fixturing.

outside corner clearance
Outside corner clearance.


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