Centipede Portable Work System


If you may be a little short on space in your shop, but could use a nice large work surface for your projects, The Centipede may just be exactly the solution for you. Imagine being able to store your 4 foot by 8 foot workbench in a bag that only takes up 9 inches by 14 inches!!!! Not only that, but this space saving giant can support up to 3,000 pounds!!!!

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The Centipede Sawhorse (K100) and Centipede Support XL (K200) are the ultimate portable work support systems. These feature a heavy duty table, workbench base or saw stand that sets up in seconds without assembly! Then they fold down into a compact and lightweight unit for easy transportation and convenient storage.

Featuring a unique steel frame design, the Centipede Portable Work System is constructed of multiple steel struts that rest directly between the load and ground to support an incredible amount of weight while keeping even the thinnest sheet materials from sagging. Each strut is moved in tandem with a series of flat steel cross bars flexible enough to absorb impacts and durable enough to ensure long-lasting smooth operation.

Available in two models, the Centipede Sawhorse supports sheet goods and table tops with 6 struts over a 2' by 4' area, is rated for 1,500 pounds, and folds down to 6” x 9”. The Centipede Support XL supports material with 15 struts over a 4' by 8' area, is rated for 3,000 pounds, and folds down to 9” x 14”.

Durable polymer P-Tops atop each point of contact provide a work surface that won't mark loads while avoiding contact damage between cutting blades and steel struts. Each P-Top is replaceable and spins 360 degrees to accommodate use of the included Quick Clamps, designed to keep materials in place, and the (4) included X-Cups, which conveniently accommodate standard 2x4s for drop-in setup. Consider adding multiple pairs of X-Cups for even more 2x4 capacity!

The included Quick Clamps give you an easy and secure way to hold your workbench or table top with no tools required! By adding more Quick Clamps, you can provide yourself with more work holding stability. Not to mention holding your work surface down independently from your stock at the same time! 

Consider adding a set of the Non-Slips for a great solution to work holding where the included hold downs may interfere.

The working height of the Centipede is 30-3/4”. By adding the Centipede Risers, you can raise your working height to an even more comfortable 36” that will also line up well with most standard countertops. The Centipede Risers are still compatible with all of the accessories that would normally fit into the existing P-Tops.

Centipede Hooks work with the standard P-Tops as well as the Risers to keep all of your tools easily accessible. You can hang everything from Circular Saws to Extension Cords and Cans of Stain or Paint to loaded down Tool Belts from these Hooks!

The Centipede Carry Straps offer you the easiest and most comfortable way to tote your Centipede Work System. Quickly bundle up your Centipede with this strap and you are on your way!

The 2' x 4' capacity K100 comes complete with (4) X-Cups, (2) Quick Clamps, (6) P-Tops – 1 for each strut, and a handy carrying case. The 4' x 8' capacity K200 comes complete with (4) X-Cups, (4) Quick Clamps, (15) P-Tops – 1 for each strut, and a handy carrying case. Working height for both systems is 30.75 inches.

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