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Bora-Portamate Parallel Clamp 4-piece Set

Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $199.99

Premium Parallel Clamps at a great price are hard to come by.  We have pulled together a 4 pack of the most popular and useful sizes for this one-time promotion.  Carcass construction, as well as doors and frames, benefit from the precision of the well-designed BORA® PORTAMATE 4-Piece Parallel Clamp Set. Two 24" and two 31" clamps fill the needs of most woodworking projects. Passive lock bottom design keeps the jaw in place while winding the clamp. To move it, simply lift the handle and slide the jaw. 3-1/2" throat depth is large enough for any job. You can count on up to 1,100 lbs. of consistently even pressure. Padded jaws prevent damage to your material.


  • 4-piece set includes two 24" and two 31" clamps
  • Parallel clamps provide even pressure across full depth of clamp
  • Passive lock bottom jaw with 3-1/2" throat moves easily along the bar
  • Comfortable handles and machined acme screw applies up to 1,100 lbs. of pressure
  • Padded jaws prevent damage to your material
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Country of Manufacture China
Backorder Back-In-Stock Date Nov 5, 2020