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Bessey WS-3+2K Angle Clamp

The Bessey® Angle Clamp is ideal for woodworking and construction. The versatility of this clamp, made from heavy duty die cast aluminum, is unmatched. Designed to provide clearance for dowels, screws or staples while still clamping firmly. It holds and aligns material at 90° angle. The new 2K composite handle with a comfort insert makes for easy tightening. It will automatically adjust to the wood thickness. The maximum clamping capacity for both sides is 4” thick and for the T-joint it is 1-1/8”. This package also includes the two TK-6 Table Clamps which easily attach to the angle clamp, holding it solidly to a worktable.
Includes (2) TK-6 Table Clamps
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Country of Manufacture China