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Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp

Special Price $20.19 Regular Price $25.45
Some projects defy a simple clamping solution... chair legs, odd angles, really long glue-ups. The strap clamp can surround the project and apply pressure evenly to most corners with the help of the Vario Corner Clips. The strap is drawn in on both sides. Strap draws simultaneously from both sides ensuring pressure is applied equally on all corners without distortion. Integrated coiling mechanisms. Integrated rewind mechanism is operated with a crank handle which eliminates tangling and damage to the strap. Vario clip corners with twin-tilting pressure pads auto-adjust from 60° to 180° for easy assembly of most multi-angle projects. The special woven polyester band provides high resistance to tearing, and a clamping range of 23 ft. The steel wire loop opens quickly and simply to adjust or release glue-up. The 2K composite handle with comfort insert comes standard.


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Country of Manufacture China