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Bessey Track and Table Clamps 2 Pack

If you are a track saw fan of Festool, Makita, DeWalt or Protocol, this might be just the deal you were looking for. It's a heavy duty version of the clamps you may have seen before, but instead of plastic parts, this is all steel!

The Bessey Track and Table Clamps feature a specially forged fixed arm to fit guide rails that have a 12mm x 8mm groove. They also work especially well in MDF tables that are equipped with T-tracks and matrix holes. This makes these clamps versatile enough to work with Festool, Protocol, Makita and DeWalt track saw guides as well as their work table!

These clamps are tough, secure, versatile and allow you to work up to 5 times faster than a conventional clamp. The lever/ratchet feature of clamp is unaffected by vibration and produces up to 540 lbs of nominal clamping force.

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Country of Manufacture Germany