AUTOSOL Metal Care Products

Since 1929 AUTOSOL has focused on cleaning, polishing and protecting metal surfaces. Over the years they have continuously expanded the scope of their products to include specialized cleaners and polishes for specific metal types. Their formulations are trusted by German companies for things as varied as polishing manufacturing molds to maintaining the finishes on some of the world’s most expensive sports cars. We’re offering some of our favorite AUTOSOL products to take care of your woodworking equipment.
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Autosol 3in1 Polish 250ml Spray Bottle Autosol 3in1 Polish 250ml Spray Bottle SKU: AS-1281

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Autosol Anodized Aluminum Polish 75ml Tube Autosol Anodized Aluminum Polish 75ml Tube SKU: AS-1920

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Autosol Stainless Steel Polish 75ml Tube Autosol Stainless Steel Polish 75ml Tube SKU: AS-1734

AUTOSOL Line of Products

Metal Polish

AUTOSOL Metal Polish cleans and shines all types of metals with gentle, but very effective abrasives. It leaves a smooth surface and a protective coating that will not transfer (when applied correctly). It’s perfect in your shop for any metal surface that slides against another metal surface or your workpiece. Periodically use AUTOSOL Metal Polish on your table saw top to protect it from corrosion and keep your stock feeding effortlessly and your miter gauge smooth and accurate. Keep your rip fence sliding smoothly and locking securely. Keep the ways of your lathe clean, protected and smooth. Keep the soles of your planes clean and low-friction. For any metal surface you want to polish and protect, apply a pea-sized spot of AUTOSOL Metal Polish, work it in with a lint free cloth or paper towel, let it dry a minute or two and buff out with a clean cloth. Use with non-woven abrasive pads for stubborn stains and corrosion. AUTOSOL Metal Polish also makes a great honing compound to remove the wire edge on your chisels and plane irons when used on a leather strop.

Stainless Steel Polish

AUTOSOL Stainless Steel Polish works very similarly to their Metal Polish, but the formulation is specifically designed to clean stainless steel surfaces without scratching. Same long-lasting protective coating as the original Metal Polish. Wipe on, wipe off, just like the original.

Anodized Aluminum Polish

A very special formulation from the metal polishing experts at AUTOSOL, Anodized Aluminum Polish cleans and conditions anodized aluminum tools without scratching or wearing through the anodized surface. Wipe on, allow it to work, wipe again with a damp cloth, then buff with a dry cloth.


AUTOSOL® 3in1 FOR STAINLESS STEEL With anti-fingerprint effect! This product was specially developed to clean, protect, and leave a shiny streak-free on stainless steel surfaces. Easily removes oil, grease, fingerprints, dust, etc. Makes your equipment look like new. Ideal for brushed metal surfaces and anodized aluminium.

Rust Ex

AUTOSOL Rust Ex makes rehabilitating neglected equipment a much easier task. Rust Ex combines active ingredients and mild abrasives to remove corrosion while not damaging nearby finished areas. Completely non-toxic and very easy to use.

AUTOSOL Shop Maintenance Package

Get all your tools and equipment clean and rust-free…then keep them that way with our complete AUTOSOL Maintenance Package. Contains one tube each of Metal Polish, Stainless Steel Polish and Anodized Aluminum Polish, plus a spray bottle of 3in1 and a bottle of Rust Ex.

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