Ambrosia Maple 10BF Pack

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We’ve selected premium samples of Ambrosia Maple for this special 10BF pack offer. Each pack consists of boards that are 4” to 8” wide, 48” long, and surfaced to 15/16”. Keep in mind that the appearance of these boards will vary widely due to the grain pattern and figure.


Get started on your next masterpiece with 10 Board Foot Packs of Ambrosia Maple.

Ambrosia Maple, also known as wormy maple, isn’t a distinct species of maple, but its name comes from the fungal discoloration caused by wood-boring ambrosia beetles. Boring into the trunk of the tree, the beetles bring with them the ambrosia fungi, with stains the surrounding wood. Ambrosia Maple is similar to spalted maple, but its discoloration is centered around the boring paths of the beetles and their entrance holes can usually be seen, too. Nevertheless, the result is a beautiful, unique appearance that is heavily desired and perfect for those one-a-kind projects.

You know what they say… one bug’s excretion is another man’s treasure!


Wood is a natural product, and pieces may vary slightly. Due to wood movement, shrinkage, and expansion, please measure each piece carefully.  Dimensioned within +/-1/8” of size listed.


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Country of Manufacture United States