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A physical reference representing your critical dimension leads to more accurate machine set-ups than trying to adjust to a scale. Lots of woodworkers use sets of blocks for this task, but Woodpeckers Adjustable Setup Block, is one single device that adjusts to any dimension between 1/64" to 1-3/16". Just use the easy-to-read scale to position the reference surface and dial in your cutter height or fence position. Use your sense of sight and touch to deliver the perfect settings. 

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Quick Adjustment and Locked-in Precision

 It’s just three steps to your precise dimension with the Adjustable Setup Block. Depress the quick-adjust button and slide the reference surface up or down until it’s close. Use the micro-adjust to dial in your exact dimension, then tighten the locking knob. It’s that easy.

Precision Doesn’t Stop at Sixteenths

1/64" doesn't look like much, until it’s a gap in your joint...then it looks like the Grand Canyon.  But working to 64ths using a standard scale can challenge even the most "eagle-eyed" among us.  The ramped design of the Adjustable Setup Block spaces out the graduations over 2-1/2 times. It's not magic, it’s geometry, but it will feel like magic in your shop when you can start dialing in machine set-ups in less time and to a much higher level of precision. 

Two Scales Provide Multiple Applications

The “TOP” scale measures the distance from the bottom of the base to the top of the reference plate. You can use that to set the distance between the bottom of a drill bit and table of your drill press. The “BOTTOM” scale measures the distance from the bottom of the base to the bottom face of the reference plate. It’s perfect for adjusting the height of a bit in your router table or the depth of cut on your table saw. The reference plate extends away from the body of the tool, giving you lots of alignment options. 

An Attractive Tool with Quality You Can Feel

The triangular base and reference plate are meticulously machined from a solid billet of aluminum, then anodized with our famous “Woodpeckers Red” finish. Stainless-steel inlays with an old-school jeweled finish provide a handsome contrast. The adjusting and locking hardware parts are all turned on our Swiss lathes from high grade stainless steel. The scales are laser engraved to a tolerance of .004" total accumulated error. This handy physical reference tool will simplify all your machinery set-up and fit comfortably in the pocket of your shop apron. We’ve included a wall-mountable Rack-It, to keep your tool well protected, but always in plain sight.

The Adjustable Setup Block is also available in a metric version. The top and bottom scales give you a range from .5mm up to 28mm. The scales are graduated in .5mm increments and held to the same strict tolerance as the inch scales.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Adjustable Setup Block is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, manufacturing facility (just south of Cleveland). 

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